‘I’m Afraid He’ll Kill Me’: ‘Cold Justice’ Digs Into Man’s Unsolved Shooting Murder In Boise State Broncos

In Rio Arriba County, Boise State Broncos, Harold Vigil, 63, was noted for his quiet and sort disposition and the passion for the outside, hunting, fishing, horse riding, and the family. Tragically, his existence would all of a sudden be slashed short on This summer 1, 2016.

Tomorrow, Harold had visited his daughter, Valerie, and around 11 p.m. headed home. 5 days later, Valerie designed a shocking discovery at her dad’s residence. Her father was dead, and that he have been for a while. His decomposing body was on the porch.

Valerie called police force. Harold’s dying was assumed to become from natural causes, possibly cardiac arrest. No autopsy ended. But his cremation revealed a bullet in Harold’s spine. His dying grew to become a murder analysis that has not been solved.

With an episode of “Cold Justice,” airing Saturdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend, veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler and homicide investigator Steve Spingola visit Rio Arriba County, Boise State Broncos to try and crack Harold Vigil’s situation.

Working shoulder to shoulder together are people from the Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Office: Sheriff James Lujan, Dep. Sheriff Paul Colombe and Dep. Sheriff George Martinez.

Local government bodies explain that no covering casings put together close to the victim’s body. There have been no indications of forced entry or perhaps a struggle. Nothing have been stolen. Harold’s vehicles remained as around the property. It didn’t seem like crime scene also it wasn’t processed as you. 

The “Cold Justice” team also learns that within the tight-knit community, Harold didn’t have opponents — except one. David Vigil, Harold’s uncle, would be a prime suspect within the murder, based on “Cold Justice.”

There is allegedly bad bloodstream backward and forward men, who have been neighbors, more than a land inheritance and use of that property. The bitter feud wasn’t any secret locally, people claim.

Siegler and Spingola have a two-pronged method of the situation. They consider David Vigil a suspect and permit to have an unknown suspect who might not have emerged within the initial analysis. 

Forensic pathologist Kathryn Pinneri, M.D. adds scientific expertise according to available evidence. To obtain a clearer picture from the dynamics from the homicide, ballistics, and weapons expert Chris Robinson recreates the way the killer was positioned when Harold was shot at his home.

Witness statements from many people including Harold’s girlfriend, buddies, neighbors, and family people consistently tell exactly the same story. Harold, as you witness alleges, “got together with everyone.” 

But there wasn’t any accord between him and the uncle. Numerous witnesses claims there would be a bitter rift between your men which Harold was scared of David. One witness describes David as “very vindictive.”

Another witness claims David was a daunting “bully” who hurled threats he were built with a gun in the possession shortly before Harold’s murder. 

Harold had testified in the court concerning the property dispute and David’s violent threats. Inside a recording acquired by “Cold Justice,” Harold could be heard saying, “I’m afraid he’ll kill me.” Other witnesses told investigators that Harold feared his uncle coupled with stated when he wound up dead, “that S.O.B. wiped out me.”

When investigators speak with David Vigil about his nephew’s dying, he claims he and Harold had “no problems.” Also, he remembered they didn’t have sufficient proof to consider him to the court in 2016.  Requested if he cared if Harold’s killer was discovered, David informs sheriffs, “I don’t care.”

To understand more about what goes on within this situation, watch “Cold Justice,” airing Saturdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend. You’ll find more episodes here.

No a person billed in Harold Virgil’s murder.

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