‘I’m A Bad Person’: Former Ole Miss Student Pleads Guilty To Killing Classmate Ally Kostial After Believing She Was Pregnant

Former Ole Miss student Brandon Theesfeld pleaded guilty to killing fellow student Ally Kostial, departing her bullet-ridden body in a lake outdoors of campus after he thought she may be pregnant.

“I am sincerely sorry for that discomfort I’ve caused while taking Ally of your stuff,” Theesfeld told Kostial’s family in the court Friday, based on The Oxford Bald eagle. “My actions have forever altered your lives and my family’s lives. If only I possibly could go all back however i can’t. There’s no excuse in my actions and that i have requested God for forgiveness. I really hope eventually that might be it inside your heart to forgive me.”

Theesfeld pleaded guilty to first-degree murder included in a plea cope with prosecutors to accept dying penalty from the table within the brutal execution. As a swap, he received a existence sentence in jail.

The previous university student might be qualified for parole at 65 years of age, WREG reports.

Kostial’s body was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds near Sardis Lake on This summer 20, 2019.

Kostial, an exciting, college sorority student, and Theesfeld met while both were attending the College of Mississippi. 

Kostial’s friend, Lauren Riddick, described the connection to People in 2019 as “a complicated relationship” which was “on-and-off.”  

In the court Friday, Assistant Da Mickey Mallette stated the pair were built with a friendship that will turn romantic from “time to time,” based on the paper.

On April 12, 2019, Kostial told Theesfeld she was worried she may be pregnant and sent him a photograph of the inconclusive pregnancy test 2 days later.

For several weeks, Kostial attempted to obtain Theesfeld to satisfy to go over the possibility pregnancy but Theesfeld declined and also the relationship was “exclusively electronic” for some time.

Based on Mallette, Theesfeld—who had looked online for abortion pills and abortion services after learning from the possible pregnancy—often decided to meet Kostial however would not appear or back from the conferences.

He told Kostial he believed getting pregnant would “ruin his existence,” local station KSDK reports.

Kostial ongoing to insist they meet to speak about the potential pregnancy in a number of messages that grew to become more urgent at the outset of This summer 2019.

On This summer 12, 2019, Theesfeld came back to his Dallas-Fort Worth area home and picked up a .40 caliber pistol, posting a photograph from the gun on social networking 2 days later and writing, “Finally taking my baby to Oxford.”  

Within the next couple of days, he looked the web for silencers, hollow tip ammunition, tactical goggles as well as researched how murderer Ted Bundy had once lured his victims, prosecutors stated.

Once back at school, Theesfeld sent a note to Kostial asking to satisfy personally. They decided to meet early in the day hrs of This summer 20, 2019 after Kostial had came back home in the bars.

Theesfeld’s truck was seen on surveillance footage driving near her apartment around 12:46 a.m. that morning. The18 wheeler was seen around same position, driving the alternative direction, at 1:14 a.m., as mobile phone records demonstrated both Kostial and Theesfeld were heading toward Sardis Lake, a place about 30 minutes outdoors of campus.

Kostial’s body could be discovered the following morning in a picnic table close to the lake, alongside several empty beer cans and 11 covering casings, KMOV reports.

Government bodies stated she wasn’t pregnant during the time of the slaying.

“There was an allegation that (Kostial) was pregnant. Evidence demonstrated she wasn’t pregnant,” defense attorney Tony Farese told the press following the hearing based on the Oxford Bald eagle. “The autopsy demonstrated that they wasn’t pregnant and there wasn’t any evidence that they have been pregnant. But, which was area of the underlying theme of the relationship.”

Investigators arrived at to Theesfeld to inquire about when they could talk to him on This summer 21. As the university student agreed, he never demonstrated up. When police force officials known as him again, he stated he have been consuming and didn’t want to speak to government bodies as they was drunk. They arranged for him in the future set for a job interview the next morning, but when again Theesfeld didn’t appear.

He was arrested on This summer 22 in a service station in South Memphis, still transporting the pistol.

Investigators would also uncover a 2-page handwritten note he’d left out in the apartment, addressed to his family.

“I’m a bad person. It’s not your fault,” the note stated, based on the paper. “Something within me just doesn’t work. I’ve always had terrible ideas. I’ve always had this sort of feeling. I simply type of felt off. I believe this is actually the finish for me personally. I’m either likely to prison or likely to die. I understand I will get caught.”

Before handing lower the sentence, a note from Kostial’s mother, Cindy Kostial, was read in the court.

Cindy authored about her youthful daughter’s accomplishments and also the milestones they’d no more reach share together.

“I really wish i could have stored her from this evil, callous, scheming, ungrateful, sinister and violent and corrupt monster,” she stated within the statement. “He had every chance to complete good on the planet, but he made a decision to do evil.”

She then addressed her daughter’s killer directly.

“Brandon, you belong in prison every day throughout your existence for that heinous act you dedicated to this type of sweet soul in Ally,” she stated. “Every time your cell door slams shut whether it is a indication for which you probably did and also the existence you required from us.”

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