‘I Won’t Allow You To Demons Take My Soul Away’: Teen Charged With Killing Tristyn Bailey Makes Odd Court Appearance

The Florida teen charged with viciously stabbing fellow schoolmate Tristyn Bailey to dying made an appearance confused throughout a court appearance Wednesday and frequently mumbled about “demons.”

“I won’t allow you to demons take my soul,” 14-year-old Aiden Fucci could be heard mumbling based on footage acquired by local station WJXT. “You demons wish to take my soul away.”

Fucci looked confused because he held a telephone to his ear and that he searched the little room, where he was appearing virtually in the Duval City Jail, and rocked backwards and forwards in the chair.

“Why shall we be held here?” he requested at some point, before referencing his parents.

“I would like to speak with my mother and father,” he stated. “What’s happening?”

His camera then abruptly stop. A spokesperson from Judge Lee Smith’s office told WTLV-WJXX the court had experienced “technical difficulties.”

Fucci’s preliminary hearing was rescheduled for 9 a.m. on March. 28.

Prior to the abrupt finish towards the unusual hearing, Fucci’s lawyer waived his to a fast trial.

Forensic psychiatrist, Justin D’Arienzo, reviewed the footage for WJXT stated it had been “hard to tell” if Fucci was faking the odd behavior or otherwise.

“From my perspective, it appeared genuine, because of the pattern of behavior today and from what else we all know,” he stated.

Fucci’s girlfriend allegedly told investigators he heard voices in the mind that told him to kill people. Also, he were built with a notebook full of satanic sketches, based on court public records acquired through the outlet.

The bizarre court appearance comes only one week following the Condition Attorney’s Office 7th Circuit released a number of videos from the morning investigators believe Bailey, 13, was stabbed 114 occasions, together with SnapChat videos taken by Fucci because he sitting at the back of a patrol vehicle.

The surveillance images, acquired by, show what seems to become Bailey along with a boy government bodies believe is Fucci walking lower the pavement together early in the day hrs of May 9 toward a wooded area where Bailey’s body would later be found. Greater than an hour or so later, the boy is visible coming back alone.

Government bodies also released SnapChat videos showing Fucci along with a friend sitting at the back of a patrol vehicle after Bailey was reported missing.

“Having fun inside a f—ing cop vehicle,” Fucci stated in a single video acquired by

Then he turns towards the camera and references Bailey, saying “What up guys? Tristyn should you (expletive) go out the damn…” prior to the clip ends.

Fucci’s mother, Very Cruz, also were built with a pre-trial hearing on Wednesday but didn’t come in court herself, based on local station WJAX-TV. She’s facing charges of tampering with evidence after investigators allege that they helped wash bloodstream from her son’s jeans after Bailey’s killing.

Her next hearing seemed to be scheduled for March. 28. She’s presently on bond.

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