‘I Thought You Had Been Hiding Something’: Prosecutor Has Tense Exchange With Josh Duggar’s Former Coworker Over Password

There have been tense moments around the stand between prosecutors and Josh Duggar’s relative and former coworker Thursday because the child pornography trial against Duggar continues.

Matthew Waller—whose brother David Waller is Josh Duggar’s brother-in-law—took the stand Wednesday to go over time he spent working at Wholesale Motors with Duggar, who managed the used vehicle dealership in Arkansas before his arrest, based on People.

Duggar, 33, continues to be charged with installing child sexual abuse materials on the pc in the vehicle dealership on May 14, 15, and 16 of 2019 utilizing a special password-protected Linux partition on the pc to separate the hard disk in 2 and the illicit materials hidden.

Prosecutors have alleged that Duggar installed the partition to prevent a tracking system referred to as Covenant Eyes, placed on the primary area of the computer to watch any internet activity and send a study to Duggar’s wife Anna if pornography have been downloaded on the pc, based on the news outlet.

Prosecutors have stated the partitioned area of the hard disk, which may have become round the tracking system, needed another password—which prosecutors stated was exactly the same password Duggar had employed for other personal accounts and incorporated his birth year of 1988—alleging that Duggar themself have been the main one to download the types of materials.

However, Duggar’s defense team has contended that others had accessibility workplace computer and may have downloaded the types of materials, describing the situation towards the jury as “an old-fashioned whodunit,” based on BuzzFeed News.

Around the stand Thursday, Waller told jurors he offered cars and did repairs in the dealership from The month of january to April of 2019 called the only other full-time worker in the lot alongside Duggar, People reports.

Based on his testimony, he never saw anybody apart from themself or Duggar make use of a keypad to get involved with the vehicle lot’s small office and stated he’d never because of the password to the pc or keypad to other people. Waller also stated he no more appreciated the password accustomed to connect to the primary computer.

But under mix-examination, when defense attorney Travis Story requested if the password “Intel1988”—the password employed for the partitioned area of the computer—rang any bells for him, he stated it “very faintly” did, based on People.

So that they can redirect the witness, Assistant U.S. Attorney Dustin Roberts stated Waller had formerly stated he didn’t be aware of password.

“I said I figured you had been hiding something, didn’t I?” Roberts accused him inside a tense exchange. “I requested you particularly should you be planning to testify to something you weren’t saying.”

Waller responded by stating that the term “intel” might have been “very faintly familiar” to him.

Questioning then volleyed to Story who requested Waller whether he’d been requested concerning the password before through the prosecution.

“It’s difficult to remember who’re the federal government lawyers and who’re the defense lawyers,” Waller stated, before confirming that defense attorneys had just instructed him towards the be truthful around the stand.

Roberts once more addressed Waller, who accepted he heard the term “intel” in the defense and stated there was some good info he didn’t keep in mind that the defense had requested him about.

Story addressed the witness once more, asking him to verify that defense attorneys had only requested him if the password had rung a bell and that he had stated it rung a “vague bell.”

The exchange was finally stop through the judge, although not before Roberts requested the last question of Waller, repeating he had testified earlier he didn’t recall the password towards the primary computer.

Waller stated it was true and told the jurors he used to utilize a sticky note connected to the computer to keep in mind ways to get in to the primary area of the computer.

The pc continued to be the main focus in other testimony on Thursday mid-day, as computer analysts required the are in position to talk in additional depth concerning the partition, that was installed on the pc at 1:52 p.m. on May 13, 2019—just eventually prior to the to begin the kid pornography images were downloaded, based on The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

James Fottrell, who leads a pc crime forensic analysis unit at Homeland Security Investigations, testified that somebody would need to physically attend the vehicle dealership to set up the partition and would should be present physically to change backwards and forwards between your primary computer and also the partitioned area of the hard disk.

Combined with the child pornography files—which investigators stated have been both downloaded and viewed—Fottrell stated government bodies also found a relevant video player application and bookmarks have been have been added by someone while using computer. Additionally they found one document file around the partitioned portion of the hard disk, that was a vehicle payment receipt for that dealership using the sales agent’s name listed as “Josh.”

The trial continues Friday.

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