‘I Really Was Afraid’: Exactly What Do Accused Killer Thomas Randolph’s Surviving Spouses Say?

Matrimony and mortality go hands-in-hands for Thomas Randolph, a 66-year-old Nevada man charged with murder. Branded a potential “Black Widower,” he tied the knot with six women and four of these died. Conditions surrounding their deaths have elevated questions, as has the truth that they left out large existence-insurance payouts for Randolph. 

Randolph’s striking situation is chronicled inside a deep-dive docu-series “Dateline Presents: The Widower,” which has developed in the creating 13 many has become airing on Archiweekend on Monday, August 16 through Wednesday, August 18 at 8/7c.

In 2017, Randolph was sentenced to dying for allegedly killing his sixth wife, Sharon Causse, who had been fatally shot in 2008. However in December 2020, his conviction was reversed on appeal through the Nevada Top Court because evidence presented at Randolph’s trial in regards to the shooting dying of former wife Becky Gault, that Randolph was billed and eventually found innocent, might have tainted the jury’s objectivity, the Vegas Review-Journal reported at time.

A brand new trial has been ordered for Randolph. Presently, Randolph has been locked in High Desert Condition Prison waiting for it to start on May 9, 2022, the Clark County District Attorney’s Office told Archiweekend.

In the original trial in June 2017 Randolph’s surviving former spouses testified against their ex-husband. Will they testify in the new trial? What will they say? Here’s what they’ve stated previously concerning the accused “Black Widower.” 

At his 2017 trial for Causse’s murder, Kathryn Thomas, his first wife who get married Randolph in 1975 at 18, testified that her former husband was “controlling, manipulative, and psychologically abusive,” the Vegas Review-Journal reported. 

Inside a “Dateline” interview, Thomas said Randolph, who had been twenty years old once they get married, was a “very charming and witty person and incredibly intelligent.” 

But she also acknowledged his negative side and the lack of ability to “hold a stable project for too lengthy.” The very first manifestation of marital trouble, she claimed, came as he hurled a bowl of oatmeal in a wall since it didn’t have sugar onto it. 

Things “deteriorated after that,” she stated, claiming that he started “seeing other ladies and doing lots of drugs.” By time they divorced in April 1983, he’d allegedly become “really frightening.”

In 2017, his third wife, Gayna Allmon, told a legal court during his trial for Causse’s murder that certain day when Randolph was cleaning a gun round her the gun discharged and created a bullet hole within the floor. In her own opinion, she testified, Randolph had attempted to kill her. 

Inside a “Dateline” interview, Allmon remembered the incident and stated that Randolph had claimed he didn’t understand that the gun was loaded. “I began yelling,” she stated. “I was scared … I had been very scared.”

“It wasn’t too lengthy next he began and that i packed up my stuff,” Allmon stated. She essentially “went into hiding,” she claimed, and said the divorce couldn’t be finalized quick enough. 

To understand more about the situation, watch “Dateline Presents: The Widower” on Archiweekend. The 3 areas of the show will also be available these days to stream on NBC’s website as well as on Peacock. 

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