‘I Loved Him ’ Cosplay Actor Will get twenty years For Stabbing Her Boyfriend To Dying

An old Florida cosplay model continues to be sentenced to two decades in jail for stabbing her boyfriend within the back.

Melissa Turner, 29, was sentenced on Friday to two decades in jail for that second-degree murder of 25-year-old Matthew Trussler. She was charged recently, Fox 13 in Tampa reports.

Throughout the sentencing hearing, the victim’s brother Sean Trussler sobbed because he remembered the previous couple’s relationship.

“This isn’t a tale in regards to a poor innocent girl,” the stated, based on Fox 13. “This is really a lady who intentionally isolated and manipulated a great kid from his loving supportive family.”

Turner had unsuccessfully attempted to convince jurors that they wiped out a drunk Trussler in self-defense after he automobile her abruptly in 2019. She claimed he attacked her, choking her and tossing her across a counter before she stabbed him. Turner then anxiously waited for four hrs before calling 911 so when she did, she told the dispatcher that they had discovered Trussler’s cold and bloody body on their own back patio, the Tampa Bay Occasions reported in 2019. She later altered her story towards the self-defense narrative.

Turner required the get up on Friday and mentioned through tears, “I loved him, and that i did not wish to accomplish that to him,” Fox 13 reports.

She continued responsible his consuming and the mental health, depicting herself like a victim of abuse.

Trussler’s mother Margaret McLaughlin known as Turner’s story “contrived” in the court on Monday.

“We both realize that Matthew was the very best factor that ever became of you,” she stated, adding “I probably have what will take place here today would’ve caused him great anguish.”

The 3-hour hearing concluded with Judge Samantha Ward stating, this jury didn’t believe her claims of self-defense nor performs this court.” 

Throughout the trial, prosecutors demonstrated jurors video clip from the neighbor’s surveillance camera that apparently taken audio of the lady stating “you stay lower,” “so f–ing die” and “I hate you,” at about the time from the incident, WFLA formerly reported.

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