‘I Just Know My Boy:’ Father Of Missing Geologist Daniel Robison Continues To Look For Solutions

The daddy of the missing geologist is constantly on the hold on hope to find his boy.

“I keep my belief and my hope,” David Robinson II, father of Daniel Robinson, told a crowd at CrimeCon 2022 throughout a Saturday evening panel in Vegas, titled “A Father’s Fight: David Robinson’s Look for His Missing Boy Daniel.”

Daniel, 24, was last seen at his job site in Buckeye, Arizona on June 23, 2021, driving his 2017 Jeep Renegade. That Jeep was discovered abandoned inside a ravine in mid-This summer, the Arizona Republic reported. It absolutely was badly broken and it is airbags have been deployed, Newsweek reported. Robinson’s clothing, mobile phone, wallet and keys put together within the Jeep however the geologist has not yet been found.

“Detectives learned from family, buddies and co-workers that Daniel’s behavior dads and moms prior wasn’t like themself at occasions but there’s no indication he wanted to harm themself or leave the region,” the Buckeye Police Department mentioned this past year.

Since he’s disappeared, David has recommended very for his missing boy, organizing search parties and putting pressure around the media and police.

David told author and podcast host Kate Winkler Dawson at Saturday’s panel it required him 2 to 3 several weeks to obtain any media attention this past year. This news broke about Daniel’s disappearing after Gabby Petito’s disappearance went viral, prompting many to focus on how racial inequality affects how missing persons cases are treated.

“All I will tell you is I have been working very difficult,” David told Dawson. He noted that while looking for his boy within the desert, he and volunteers have encounter at least two teams of human remains so far, Moving Stone reported in December. However, he’s not found his boy.

David stated he’ll not give up finding solutions.

“He’s my boy and I’m certainly not departing him behind,” David stated.

He stated that anybody who want to help can click on He welcomes volunteers, donations and efforts to place pressure on officials. 

“I know my child. I do not think he’d simply take off like this,” he stated.

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