‘I Fell Deeply In Love With The Home!’ Crime Scene Investigator Admits She Purchased A Murder Scene Home

Should you understood a murder had happened inside a house, can you still purchase it? What should you be the main one to witness the aftermath of this killing?

Understandably, many would disassociate with that concept — but not Robin Lindley, a upon the market crime scene investigator in Buena Park, California.

At CrimeCon 2022, Archiweekend digital correspondent Stephanie Gomulka swept up with Lindley and Sarah Penirelli, a detective using the Cobb County PD following the two made an appearance on the CrimeCon panel entitled “Homicide Detectives: Unforgettable Crimes In New york city, ATL, And Also The O.C.,” which discussed cases featured on “New You are able to Homicide,” “The Actual Murders Of Oc,” and “The Actual Murders Of Atlanta.” (Upon the market NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert K. Boyce also made an appearance around the panel.) Throughout the discussion Lindley revealed an amazing bit in regards to a situation featured on “The Actual Murders Of Oc.”

Lindley had discussed the murder of James Stockwell, also referred to as Jimmy Casino, later. Casino would be a topless bar owner who had been shot to dying after coming at his home together with his girlfriend. She was raped within the ambush but survived the attack. Decades later, a DNA match towards the girlfriend’s rape evidence package finally identified his killer.

“I spent over 48 hrs straight within the Casino house basically we processed the home [following the murder]. I purchased the home. I purchased the home in which the crime happened,” Lindley stated.

As Lindley place it, she just needed the home after making an effort inside it processing the scene.

“I fell deeply in love with the home! Spent that lots of hrs in the home .. it had been a pleasant house! It would be a conversation piece. Everybody desired to are available in and find out in which the murder happened,” she described.

Plus, she added, she ended up getting to possess a Rolls-Royce in her own garage for some time which had belonged to Casino prior to the city claimed it.

Obviously, that did not mean it had been all touring in your home.

“There have been stuff that happened in the home afterward. There is money they thought was in the home after I got myself the home someone did try to return to obtain the money they thought was in the home. They attempted to interrupt in but did not think it is,” Lindley stated.

Lindley wound up living in the home for 12 years before ultimately selling it. She now functions as a behavior teacher for disabled kids with trauma and it is the intake officer for juvenile hall in Douglas County, Kansas.

For additional on which Lindley and Penirelli had to say of CrimeCon, discover the shocking truth, above.

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