‘I Did not Comprehend It At All’: Minister Who Officiated R.Kelly And Aaliyah’s Wedding Unwillingly Testifies

The minister who married R. Kelly and Aaliyah in 1994 addressed the questionable union the very first time openly because he unwillingly testified in the court.

Chicago-area ordained minister Nathan Edmond, 73, mentioned in Brooklyn federal court on Wednesday via a video call he gave Kelly his word in 1994 he would not talk about the marriage backward and forward singers, CNN reports. He earned it obvious he was just testifying due to a subpoena, noting he was “not especially” happy to do so, BuzzFeed News reports.

Edmond testified he officiated the 1994 wedding between your singers like a opt to uncle Keith Johnson, whom he met while employed in property. He stated he never met either Kelly or Aaliyah before.

“I did not think it had been anybody special. I did not comprehend it whatsoever,” he stated.

Kelly’s former tour manager Demetrius Cruz, 65, testified in August — also unwillingly —that he compensated a $500 bribe to some Chicago public assistance worker for any fake ID for Aaliyah therefore the pair could marry. The ID mentioned that Aaliyah was 18 when she really was 15. Prosecutors state that Aaliyah, whose complete name was Aaliyah Haughton, was 12 when she met Kelly but still a youthful teen as he started sexually mistreating her. She’s recognized as “Jane Doe #1” in Kelly’s racketeering trial.

Prosecutors say Aaliyah was one of the numerous ladies and women the now 54-year-old continues to be mistreating for pretty much 2 decades. They allege he brought a company of managers, bodyguards, along with other employees who employed ladies and women for his twisted sexual desires. 

Edmond testified he married Kelly and Haughton in a hotel near Chicago.

“The doorway opened up towards the bed room and out walked Aaliyah and Mr. Kelly,” Edmond stated.

The minister stated the pair used matching jogging suits for that 10-minute ceremony. 

“Both of them had one leg around the jogging suit to the knee,” Edmond stated. “You couldn’t see her whole face, because her hair was over her face.” 

He testified that besides him, Kelly, Aaliyah and Johnson, only three other men were present, based on BuzzFeed News.

Edmond stated he was requested to sign a confidentiality agreement document but didn’t since the documents didn’t look legally legitimate. He gave his word rather he would not discuss the big event.

Kelly has denied all allegations against him and the defense has described the majority of his accusers as groupies who only began accusing him of abuse following a #MeToo movement. However, the “Initiation” star continues to be plagued with accusations about his sexual behavior lengthy before that movement even started. He was charged with child pornography in Chicago in 2002, that they was ultimately found innocent of in 2008. Additionally towards the Brooklyn charges, Kelly can also be charged with producing child pornography and destroying evidence inside a separate situation in Illinois. 

Aaliyah died inside a plane crash within the Bahamas in 2001 at age 22.

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