‘I Did Horrible Things’: Colorado Animal Activist Will get ten years For Attempting To Hire Hitman To Kill Husband’s Girlfriend

A Colorado animal legal rights activist who attempted to employ a success man to kill her husband’s girlfriend—who had once offered because the family’s au pair—has been sentenced to ten years in jail.

District Judge Randall C. Arp handed lower the sentence for Jennifer Reba Emmi on Monday for nine counts in three separate cases, based on KUSA.  

Emmi had already pleaded guilty to charges including solicitation of second-degree murder, stalking and retaliation against a witness or victim.

“The defendant poses a menace to the safety and health in our community and caused significant trauma towards the victims of her crimes,” Senior Deputy Da Kate Knowles stated following the sentencing, according KCNC-TV. “The court’s sentence ensures that they’ll keep their lives without fearing on their behalf.”

Emmi—a prominent attorney who once ran Your Pet Law Center—had attempted to employ ranch hands to kill her husband’s girlfriend. Emmi’s defense attorney M. Colin Bresee told captured that Emmi have been devastated to uncover the connection between her husband and also the lady.

“In the affidavit, it’s alleged that Jennifer’s divorce lawyer told Jennifer the au pair had replaced her. On the day that, Jennifer first found that the 20-something girl was over sleeping her bed, getting relations together with her husband, and getting Jennifer’s kids call the au pair ‘mom,’” he stated. “It is alleged that Jennifer known as a couple of reliable buddies and stated some unsavory things.”

Based on an affidavit acquired by KUSA, Emmi’s husband described a design of abuse and stalking that started in The month of january of 2019 after he stated he discovered she was getting cheating and requested her for any divorce.

The harassment ongoing to escalate until November 2020 when an informant reported that Emmi had requested him to kill her husband’s girlfriend, even offering several 1000 dollars to obtain began.

Once the man, who recorded the phone call, informed her that her husband might get wiped out too, she allegedly responded that they was “inclined to kill two wild birds with one stone.”

She also contacted another man having a military background to ask about transporting the hit.

Emmi was arrested that month and initially billed with 16 legal counts, including domestic violence stalking, child abuse, assault, witness tampering, victim retaliation, trying to influence public servants and violating court orders. A few of the charges were later dropped included in the plea deal, based on Fox News.

Government bodies stated she’d also targeted many people linked to her cases, including an investigator along with a deputy da, based on the affidavit.

Breese had contended for probation, stating that his client had battled with illnesses and addiction.

“Jennifer needs your help, and sentencing her to prison guarantees she won’t obtain the help she needs or wants,” he stated.

Emmi’s mother and her divorce lawyer also spoke on her behalf account.

Based on Breese, Emmi is not permitted doing children for pretty much 18 several weeks. 

Prosecutors, however, contended that Emmi had not taken responsibility on her crimes and required to spend some time in jail.

Arp agreed, saying she’d taken “almost no accountability” on her actions.

“I believe you still pose a danger towards the community and also to individuals victims, mostly because you’re blaming others, anything and anybody, instead of taking responsibility for the actions,” he stated, based on Fox News.

Emmi also addressed a legal court herself, apologizing on her actions.

“I never desired to kill anybody, I’m incompetent at this type of factor,” she stated. “I did horrible stuff that were completely from character, and I’m so embarrassed about the subject.”

Breese stated inside a statement to that Emmi was “heartbroken” through the sentence. 

“Jennifer is devastated today that they wasn’t sentenced to probation,” he stated, adding she felt the sentence benefited her ex-husband while he might have charge of their kids and won’t need to pay any support while she’s imprisonment. 

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