‘I Can Embark Upon With My Existence Now’: After Initial Deadlock, Jury Decides To Convict Man Of Decades-Old Murder

After claiming these were deadlocked the 2009 week, with many jurors leaning toward a not liable verdict, a California jury has unanimously made the decision to convict a guy for that 1980 murder of his neighbor.

On Wednesday, the jury found Phillip Lee Wilson, 74, responsible for murder and special circumstance of rape for that killing of Robin Brooks, 20, ABC10 in Sacramento. Her body was discovered in her own Rosemont-area apartment nearly 42 years back after she’d been sexually assaulted and fatally stabbed.

The jury told Judge James E. McFetridge on Tuesday that they are deadlocked which nine from the 12 jurors believed Wilson wasn’t guilty, the Modesto Bee reports. The judge instructed these to keep deliberating on Wednesday. They found their decision right after. 

“I am so happy that they finally got justice,” Deanna Forrester, Brooks’ childhood friend, told ABC10.

Wednesday also marked Wilson’s birthday.

“There’s justice on the planet, and that he will expend all his birthdays now imprisonment. If only we found him earlier, but finally, justice continues to be done,” Micki Links, the primary detective around the cold situation, stated following Wilson’s conviction, ABC10 reports.

Wilson was arrested in 2020 after genetic genealogy linked his DNA towards the murder scene. Wilson had resided within the same apartment complex as Brooks and sometimes visited the donut shop where she labored. 

A week ago, Wilson’s lawyer Thomas Clinkenbeard maintained that his client didn’t kill Brooks. Rather, he pointed his finger in a now-deceased person called Norbert Holston, who had been dating Brooks’ sister, Maria Arrick, at that time, the Sacramento Bee reported. He claimed that simply 1 week before her sister’s murder, Holston threatened to kill both siblings and Maria’s dog. Holston apparently had confessed to entering Robin Brooks’ apartment previously and, Clinkebeard told the jury, he apparently accepted to clearing up his fingerprints throughout the break-in.

Clickenbeard accepted that his client smoked marijuana around the nights the murder and claimed he was intimate using the victim that night — comprising his DNA complement the semen based in the victim — but claims Wilson left prior to the murder. He blamed “a couple of small drops of blood” of his client’s available at the scene on the workplace injuries, the Sacramento Bee reports.

“Personally i think like I can embark upon with my existence now. It absorbed a bit of who I had been,” Maria Arrick told ABC10. “Personally i think good this gives others hope later on that justice could be offered despite 42 years.”

Wilson is a result of be sentenced in April.

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