Husband Suspected Since Missing Utah Woman’s Remains Happen To Be Identified 42 Years After Her Disappearance

The skeletal remains of the Utah lady who mysteriously disappeared greater than 40 years ago were lately recognized by government bodies. 

The remains of Sandra Matott were formally recognized by Paternity testing 42 years after her bones switched up near a roadway in Millard County, officials announced late a week ago.

Matott was reported missing on This summer 18, 1979, by her now-deceased husband, Warren Matott, who’s now suspected in her own disappearance and dying. At that time, Matott told investigators he’d last seen his wife alive inside a Salt Lake City bar greater than a week earlier detectives eventually lost connection with the widower.

In August 1979, Milard County Sheriff’s office retrieved human remains after hunters happened upon bones near an interstate exit. No indications of homicidal violence were present, based on investigators. A diamond ring along with a watch, each of which belonged to Sandra Matott, put together through the bones. A murder analysis was subsequently opened up, even though it required until 2019 for connecting individuals remains to the cold situation relating to the missing Utah lady.

In 2013, a Salt Lake City homicide investigator learned from Sandra Matott’s family they suspected her husband was her murderer. But he’d died in California in 1999. 

Through the years, Millard’s situation information was unsuccessfully joined into multiple condition and federal cold situation databases. 

Back In 1984, murderer Henry Lee Lucas admitted to Matott’s killing but his claims were later discovered to be hard to rely on. During police child custody, Lucas allegedly confessed to then recanted testimony involving countless murders.

In 2019, investigators caught a rest when Millard County Sheriff’s Office contacted them in the Salt Lake City Police Department following a situation file was discovered which contained information associated with the skeletal remains. 

In nov 2020, the bones under consideration were posted towards the College of North Texas for DNA analysis. On August. 10, county government bodies received confirmation the skeletal remains were individuals of Matott her reason for dying was inconclusive, based on a condition medical examiner’s report. 

Government bodies believe Warren Matott had more details associated with his wife’s dying, even though they never established a probable cause against him rather than faced charges.

“No matter the length of time passes, the detectives from the Salt Lake City Police Department won’t ever let in their mission to solve every situation and also to get solutions for family members,” Salt Lake Police Chief Mike Brown stated. 

The situation may be the longest-standing missing persons cold situation to become solved through the Salt Lake City Police Department. 

“Solving a chilly situation requires working together, dedication as well as an unrelenting quest for justice,” Brown added. “That’s the way we reached today — due to the working together of multiple agencies and also the dedication of the present and prior detectives throughout Utah who labored Ms. Matott’s situation. They never threw in the towel about this analysis. They recognized the job that must be done to obtain the group of Sandra Matott solutions, as well as for which i couldn’t be prouder.” 

Milard County Sheriff’s Office also closed its own analysis into Matot’s dying this month.

“The Sheriff’s Office expresses our condolences to Sandra’s family for his or her loss and years of awaiting solutions,” Sgt. Patrick Bennett from the Millard County Sheriff’s Office told on Monday.

Bennett credited Paternity testing, in addition to the nation’s Missing and Unknown Persons Systems, a openly available web-based service that tracks missing persons cases, with assisting to solve the analysis.

“I was honored to engage in the procedure to recognize Sandra,” he added. 

Matott’s family also welcomed this news.

“I would be a little emotional after i learned about it, once they finally discovered the remains,” Darrell Haymes, Sandra Matott’s boy, told “[I’m] pleased to have closure [but] frustrated it required 42 years — I’d already abandoned it.”

Haymes stated his family lengthy-suspected Warren Matott’s in the mother’s disappearance and possible slaying, claiming domestic abuse was at the bottom of his mother’s dying. The 63-year-old, who resides in the Salt Lake City area, stated he was frustrated police didn’t look closer at Matott at that time his mother disappeared. 

“We type of understood what went down anyway,” Haymes added. “We understood it had been him that wiped out her and discarded your body.”

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