How John Wayne Gacy Survivor Jeffrey Rignall Continued An Individual Pursuit To Stop Him From Hurting Others

As John Wayne Gacy’s basement crawl space was not having enough room for that physiques of his victims, a guy named Jeffrey Rignall survived a terrible encounter using the murderer. Now, Peacock’s new docuseries, “John Wayne Gacy: Demon in Disguise,” shows how, when confronted with trauma and also the deeply entrenched societal homophobia from the 1970’s, Rignall managed to get his pursuit to find Gacy and him from hurting others.  

Rignall was 26 in March of 1978 when John Wayne Gacy opened up beside him in the Oldsmobile, inviting him directly into smoke some marijuana, the Connected Press reported in 1980. As Rignall would later testify at Gacy’s murder trial, he required a couple of puffs before Gacy “hit [him] hard [with] a dish cloth or rag” drenched in chloroform. Around the stand, Rignall described a chilly feeling and buzzing seem in the mind before he lost awareness.

In “John Wayne Gacy: Demon in Disguise”, Rignall’s partner of twenty-two years, Ron Wilder, details how Rignall dipped interior and exterior awareness around the drive to Gacy’s suburban home. Once inside, Gacy tortured the youthful man, tying him up and frequently beating, raping, and chloroforming him.

Following the attack, Gacy dumped Rignall off inside a place near where he’d first selected him up. Wilder describes the horrifying injuries Rignall endured in the attack. He was bleeding, sick, and covered in rope burns. Photos taken at that time show chloroform burns throughout his face. Despite all of the physical evidence he have been badly assaulted, law enforcement didn’t appear to consider Rignall’s account seriously once they interviewed him within the hospital. William Kunkle, upon the market Judge from the Circuit Court of Prepare County describes his story at that time as “vague,” saying Rignall didn’t know in which the house was or what it really appeared as if, “so it had been a really minimalist police report and absolutely nothing transpired.”

Wilder, however, claims the police simply made a decision to ignore what went down because Rignall was gay.

“The police assumed that Jeff’s encounter with Gacy would be a consensual arrangement,” he states. “They didn’t have clue of methods to deal with a gay rape of any type and didn’t think that might be possible.”

Alexa Danner, executive producer from the docuseries echoed that sentiment, telling that, “Rignall felt greatly he was ignored through the police due to the attitudes at that time towards homosexuality. It’s very hard to appreciate everyday that point today and know how that may happen, however it would be a different time, however it caused lots of suffering for your particular victim,” she described.

While police didn’t appear to consider the problem was that serious, Rignall felt in the gut it had become.

“Jeff believed that man could kill somebody so he figured whatever he did to him, he would get it done with other people,” Wilder states within the docuseries. “That’s why he desired to catch him.”

So, Rignall started doing their own analysis. As they didn’t know Gacy’s name or who he was, he understood what his vehicle appeared as if coupled with a tough memory from the license plate. Also, he appreciated hearing airplanes throughout the attack, so he understood the house is at close closeness towards the airport terminal.

“Since law enforcement required the problem very, very gently and It seemed like, you realize, it was not an easy matter, I rented a vehicle and sitting where I figured I had been roughly, awaiting his vehicle to find,” Rignall stated inside a CBS 2 Chicago broadcast, excerpted within the docuseries.

Wilder supported Rignall throughout his stake-outs. He stated they went every single day they might.

Within under per month, they spotted Gacy’s vehicle, and trailed him. Rignall jotted lower the license plate number, that they presented to police.

“He wound up […] working to discover Gacy’s identity themself after which pushing the situation so far as he could with the courts,” Danner told

Gacy was arrested, but rapidly released on the minor bond. The 2 men attempted to obtain the charges bumped up but Wilder claims the state’s attorney ignored them, using homophobic profanity.

In December of 1978, following a disappearance of 15-year-old Robert Piest, Gacy was asked and arrested by police, who acquired searching warrant for that crawl space beneath Gacy’s home. Quickly, they found human remains. Nine several weeks after Rignall was attacked, Gacy was arrested. This age of billed with murdering 33 men and boys.

Rignall and Wilder printed “29 Below” a magazine concerning the attack and also the couple’s subsequent analysis into Gacy’s identity in 1979. Now from print, used copies will go for 100’s of dollars online. Following a book’s publication, Gacy’s defense team known as Rignall like a witness, believing his story is needed their madness defense. Rignall testified about his rape and torture, at some point becoming overwhelmed and sick while recounting the facts. Gacy was discovered sane and charged. He was offer dying in 1994.

Danner told that Rignall’s life” was very hard for him following the incident, following the assault.”

However, she noted that Wilder was his “rock” who “just showered him with love throughout.”

Rignall died in 2000 at age 49. 

Archiweekend correspondent Stephanie Gomulka led to this report.

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