How Did One Worker Have The Ability To Steal Greater Than $17 Million In Untraceable Cash?

David Ghantt was really a model worker to have an armored vehicle company before pulling from the second greatest cash heist in U.S. history, fleeing using more than $17 million in untraceable bills in 1997.

It had been nearly the right crime, but while Ghantt fled to Mexico to put low, his partners’ lavish spending—and their very own alleged plans for murder—would ultimately function as the group’s demise.

“Robbing the 7-Eleven and becoming $40 dollars along with a pack of Marlboros wasn’t for me personally. I understood when Used to do something of that nature, I’d take a lot of money,” Ghantt stated from the brash robbery with an approaching episode of CNBC’s “Super Heists,” airing Monday at 10 p.m.

Ghantt, a U.S. Army veteran, was living a comparatively “boring” existence being employed as the vault superintendent in a Loomis Fargo armored vehicle warehouse just outdoors Charlotte now, New York creating a relatively meager paycheck, as he entered pathways with Kelly Campbell.

“In ’97 my wife and me were just scraping by,” Ghantt remembered in Monday’s episode. “We were two paychecks from being destitute at any time.”

Campbell—who was married herself—represented something exciting and new. Ghantt believed the brand new worker would “make a great replacement” for his wife, however the feelings weren’t always reciprocated.

“I wasn’t drawn to him or anything, but he would be a nice guy,” Campbell stated.

Campbell left her job within the summer time of 1997, but she’d use later Ghantt’s feelings on her to her very own benefit to make him agree to handle the multi-million-dollar heist.

The program to take advantage of Loomis Fargo was spawned by Campbell and her friend Steve Chambers, throughout a casual bonfire at Chambers’ home.

The happy couple started to daydream about whether or not they could really accomplish the heist. Campbell understood they’d need the aid of the warehouse’s vault supervisor, who just happened to possess a crush on her behalf, and she or he known as Ghantt to inquire about his help.

“He was like ‘OK, yeah, are going to that,’” she remembered. “It’s simple to ask somebody to make a move knowing that they’re that infatuated along with you.”

They started work planning the easy heist that will depend on Ghantt’s existing accessibility vault, less staff in the warehouse for fun on saturday, and the opportunity to use among the company’s armored trucks to help make the effective getaway.

Once Ghantt loaded the big haul in the vault—which might have been near to $20 million—into a truck, he planned they are driving to some second location, then mind right to the airport terminal and fly to Mexico. His partners, who planned to remain behind, decided to send him his full cut from the money following the heat from investigators passed away lower.

“If I possibly could get far enough away in an exceedingly almost no time, my likelihood of avoiding by using it were pretty high,” Ghantt stated.

Chambers also guaranteed to participate Ghantt in Mexico when she could, but she accepted to “Super Heists” she didn’t have any aim of really making the trip.

Just days after saying yes towards the plan, the audience set each day to handle the robbery. On March. 5, 1997, Ghantt transported the heist throughout his regular shift after delivering another worker home, stealing greater than $17 million in the bank vault.

But there is only one factor the audience hadn’t been relying on: the huge weight of this sum of money. To create a effective getaway, Ghantt needed to lift nearly 2,800 pounds of currency.  

“I began just chucking it as quickly as I possibly could,” he stated, adding the sweat was “pouring from me.”

After loading the huge cache of loot in to the armored truck, Ghantt set time lock around the vault, which locked the doorway for several days unless of course the workers drilled with the lock. The move bought him just a little additional time to create his escape.

The program discontinued with couple of problems, but after Ghantt was securely in Mexico, his partners were left storing considerable amounts of money.

“I understood when we’re able to stay from the radar for around annually, we’re able to essentially live a holiday existence,” Ghantt stated.

But his partners soon started to obtain greedy and were spending large amounts—with Chambers and the wife, Michelle, even buying a unique mansion in cash.

“Of course, I continued a spending spree. (I) bought jewellery, purchased a van,” Campbell remembered of her very own spending.

Former Cramerton Police Chief David Youthful soon got wind from the Chambers’ excessive spending spree and arrived at to the FBI.

Government bodies started to sharpen around the group and set a wire tap on Campbell’s phones. While listening in, they uncovered another more sinister alleged intend to kill Ghantt. 

“David Ghantt would be a nuisance to Steve Chambers and Kelly Campbell,” John Wydra, a upon the market FBI agent who handled the situation, told “Super Heists.”

As Campbell would later explain, “If David got wiped out, there couldn’t be any putting the blame. It’s type of from sight, from mind,” she stated from the reasoning.

Government bodies stated they hired a guy named Michael McKinney to get to know Ghantt and kill him, underneath the guise he was intending to give Ghantt a lot of money he was owed.

Before the hit might be transported out, the FBI swooped in and arrested Ghantt and also the others.

“It was over. I understood it had been over then,” Ghantt stated.

For more information about how exactly the thieves got caught and just how lengthy they arrived in jail, stay tuned the “Super Heists” on CNBC on Monday at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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