Houston Grand Jury Declines To Indict Quarterback Deshaun Watson On Sex Assault Charges

A great jury on Friday declined to indict Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson carrying out a police analysis sparked by lawsuits filed by 22 ladies who have accused him of sexual assault and harassment.

The grand jury’s decision came into being annually following the women first filed their suits, accusing Watson of exposing themself, touching all of them with his penis or kissing them against their will during massage appointments. One lady alleged Watson forced her to do dental sex.

Houston police started investigating Watson in April 2021 following a criminal complaint was filed. The FBI also was reviewing the allegations.

Prosecutors presented evidence and testimony towards the grand jury for more than six hrs on Friday associated with nine criminal complaints against Watson, Johna Stallings, chief from the adult sex crimes and trafficking division using the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, stated. She declined to state what possible charges were given to the grand jury for consideration.

“We respect the grand jury’s decision,” Stallings stated.

Stallings stated that call ended criminal proceedings associated with Watson in Harris County, where Houston is situated.

Watson’s lawyers have stated “some intercourse” happened during a few of the massage appointments however that he never coerced anybody.

“We’re delighted the grand jury has checked out the problem completely and arrived at exactly the same conclusion we did. Deshaun Watson didn’t commit any crimes and isn’t responsible for any offenses,” Rusty Hardin, Watson’s lead attorney, stated inside a statement.

Tony Buzbee, the lawyer representing the 22 women, stated the criminal situation is outside of the civil cases and that he continues the entire process of questioning Watson because the lawsuits move toward trial. Earlier Friday, Buzbee asked Watson throughout a deposition, the very first the National football league star has provided included in the lawsuits.

“The civil cases continuously gather steam. We take Mr. Watson’s deposition again Tuesday. Respect the procedure,” Buzbee stated.

Eight from the ladies who sued Watson filed criminal complaints against him with Houston police coupled with been set to look prior to the grand jury. Two other ladies who did not sue Watson also filed police complaints.

Watson’s lawyers have searched for to balance their defense from the National football league star while concurrently condemning sexual violence against women. They’ve known as the lawsuits a “money grab” and claimed that 22 ladies who sued are laying — a method some experts and advocates say depends on lengthy-used tropes made to minimize such accusations.

Buzbee has stated his clients have faced critique as well as dying threats.

Before the lawsuits were filed in March 2021, Watson had requested to become traded. The trade request and also the lawsuits stored Watson out all last season. The Texans were expected to trade Watson this offseason.

National football league spokesman John McCarthy stated the league is “carefully monitoring all developments” which matter “remains under overview of the private conduct policy.”

No trial date continues to be looking for the lawsuits.

The deposition of Watson for that civil cases required devote the offices of Hardin’s law practice, located about 50 % miles (.8 km) from the Harris County criminal courthouse in downtown Houston, in which the grand jury met.Watson invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination throughout the deposition, Hardin stated.

“No lawyer in the usa would let their client testify inside a court situation with similar matters being considered with a grand jury,” Hardin stated.

Using the criminal analysis over, “we’re pleased to proceed with the civil situation depositions” Hardin stated.Buzbee stated that Watson’s refusal to reply to his questions Friday only bolstered the women’s allegations.

“If he didn’t do anything wrong, why don’t you just state that?” Buzbee stated.

Hardin stated Buzbee’s only goal on Friday ended up being to ask Watson “salacious questions” and release transcripts towards the media to create him look bad.

Hardin and Buzbee are two best-known lawyers in Texas. Hardin is really a civil and defense attorney who symbolized ex-pitcher Roger Clemens as he was found innocent this year of charges he lied to Congress by denying he used performance-enhancing drugs. Buzbee symbolized former Texas Gov. Ron Perry within an abuse-of-power situation and settled lawsuits for 10 teenagers who’d accused Texas uniform Stanley Marsh 3 of having to pay them for sexual functions.

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