Houston Christmas Horror: Lifeless Body Of The Missing Mother Present In A Creek

The final time Melissa Sowders’ family saw her was on Xmas Day 2013. The household had collected for his or her traditional holiday meal, however it was bittersweet.

Melissa was divorcing her husband, Matthew Sowders, and that he had child custody from the couple’s four children, so that they were missing in the holiday gathering.

Melissa had married Matthew when she only agreed to be 16 years of age. The couple’s family increased rapidly, and shortly Melissa was an overwhelmed mother with four youthful kids. The wedding grew to become rocky, and also the two decided to split. Melissa found a brand new boyfriend, Jason Sanford. They’d dated before and reconnected after her marriage fell apart.

The next day Christmas, Sanford told the household he hadn’t seen Melissa. She was designed to pick him up from work, but never demonstrated up. Later your evening, the household reported her missing to Houston police. Government bodies contacted the Wendy’s in which the youthful mother labored determined that they unsuccessful to appear on her shift your evening.

Her family told police that whenever she dropped Jason off at the office on December 26, Melissa visited meet Matthew as well as their youngest child at Burger king, but next nobody been told by her again.

Police reviewed surveillance footage in the junk food restaurant. Around the tape Melissa was seen entering center around 11 a.m. She walked in to the lobby area and checked out her phone. She then switched, visited an exit door, and left. Where had she gone?

Investigators asked Melissa’s estranged husband, Matthew. He told police that Melissa needed to make use of the rest room but didn’t desire to use the main one in McDonald’s. He drove her to his apartment, and she or he visited the restroom. He thought she’d came back to McDonald’s to get her vehicle.

Government bodies then contacted her current boyfriend, Jason Sanford, to learn more. He stated the final time he spoke to her, she what food was in McDonald’s. Later, he attempted calling and texting her, but never had a response.

Further questioning from the family revealed another surprise: Melissa was pregnant.

“She was happy which was the very first time shortly which i saw her that happy because she told us that they would be considered a mother,” Melissa’s mother told “Homicide For that Holidays.”

Investigators learned that while Melissa was coping with Jason she was still being romantically associated with her Matthew. Was this in some way associated with her disappearance?

Soon, an important tip arrived. A patrol man located Melissa’s Honda parked in a truck stop only a couple of miles from the McDonald’s where she was last seen. There wasn’t any manifestation of Melissa herself. After hearing this news, Melissa’s family began to doubt that they would be found alive.

Police focused their analysis on individuals nearest towards the 26-year-old mother. They found that her boyfriend, Jason, was still being married coupled with past violence. Matthew had filed a mobile phone harassment report against him. He told police that Sanford had threatened him, saying he and the children were at risk. Sanford seemed to be facing an assault charge stemming from your altercation together with his wife’s new boyfriend.

Investigators asked him, and learned Melissa’s family didn’t know he was married and Sanford’s wife was not aware of his relationship with Melissa. But he denied any participation in Melissa’s disappearance. Also, he had an alibi when ever she went missing: His boss confirmed he what food was in work.

Shortly, after Christmas, police received a rest within the situation. A lady known as 911 to are convinced that she saw Melissa’s body around the bathroom floor of Matthew Sowders’ apartment. Matthew wouldn’t allow her to in to the apartment and made an appearance irritated and anxious.

Police rushed towards the apartment. The ability was stop, there have been dirty clothes everywhere, and also the floors were filthy, but there wasn’t any proof of a criminal offense scene, police stated. The caller was either mistaken or Melissa only agreed to be inside lounging lower.

They planned to interrogate Matthew Sowders, but got another tip from another female caller to 911. She stated that they is at an intimate relationship with Matthew, and that he wasn’t being truthful about his relationship with Melissa. She stated he was jealous of her relationship with Sanford and upset concerning the pregnancy.

The next day Christmas, Matthew had informed her he had put Melissa’s body inside a rubbish bin and brought it to Cypress Creek in Harris County, Texas. She was still being in touch with Matthew, so police gave her a voice recorder to tape their conversations.

Police asked Matthew, but he denied everything. They looked his truck but found nothing that tied him to Melissa’s murder.

They centered on the creek and enlisted the aid of volunteers to scour the region. Three days in to the search they found a terrible clue: a rubbish bin, however it was empty. These were believing that Melissa was murdered, however they still didn’t have sufficient evidence to arrest Matthew.

Investigators ongoing to hear the recorded telephone conversations. Inside them, Matthew bragged that police didn’t have anything with no body.

But 2 days into 2012, an appearance was based in the creek. It had been Melissa. An autopsy confirmed that they died by homicide — she was most likely strangled to dying. The autopsy also confirmed that Melissa was pregnant when she died.

Police thought that when Melissa found Matthew’s apartment to make use of the restroom, he learned that she was pregnant with another man’s baby. His jealousy brought him to kill her.

In April 2015, greater than 2 yrs after Melissa Sowders’ disappearance, Matthew pled guilty to her murder. He was sentenced to six decades imprisonment.

For more information about how exactly the situation was solved and find out more about others enjoy it, watch “Homicide For That Holidays” on Archiweekend or stream episodes here.

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