‘He’s Become Away With Murder For Any Lengthy Time:’ Closing Arguments In Robert Durst Situation Feature Silicone Mask, ‘Cockroach Soup’

Closing arguments have obsessed with the Robert Durst trial, with prosecutors trotting out a silicone mask once worn by real estate heir like a disguise throughout their summation.

Prosecutors closed Wednesday with scathing remarks about 78-year-old Durst because they attempted to demonstrate towards the jury he sported the prosthetic mask so he could flee to Cuba in 2015 after killing three people, the New You are able to Publish reports.

In 2015, he was charged with the 2000 murder of uncle Susan Berman, only one previous day the finale from the Cinemax docuseries “The Jinx” aired. The serries centered on the 3 deaths Durst continues to be associated with and also the final episode apparently caught him muttering a potential confession on the hot mic when using the bathroom.

Prosecutor Habib Balian organized the mask for that jury to determine as he noted that Durst had lots of cash, a gun along with a map of Cuba as he was arrested.

As the trial is just for that murder of Berman, the 3 deaths that Durst is linked to were major topics of testimony within the la courtroom. The very first, of his wife Kathleen “Kathie” McCormack Durst, who disappeared in 1982, continues to be presented because the linchpin within the situation. Prosecutors say Durst shot Berman execution-style because she’d details about Kathleen’s disappearance.

“We’ve reached go in time for you to Kathie, because everything the defendant did within this situation comes from masking his part in her own dying,” Balian stated while beginning his closing statements, based on the New You are able to Daily News.

He told jurors that Durst wiped out his “working class” wife inside a “violent confrontation” before later killing Berman after which his neighbor Morris Black in Texas several weeks after Berman’s dying to help safeguard themself. Durst, the boy of recent You are able to City businessman Seymour Durst, shot Black before getting rid of his dismembered remains in Galveston Bay. Durst was hiding in Texas at that time, pretending to be a mute lady. He claimed he shot Black in self-defense and that he was found innocent of murder in 2003. He pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence and bail jumping annually later.

Balian demonstrated the jury a photograph of Durst on his 1973 big day to Kathleen, who had been declared legally dead in 2017. Then, he performed a clip of Durst speaking concerning the marriage in “The Jinx.”

“I had tons of your practice. She’d zilch. Girl from the suburbs,” Durst stated within the clip, based on the Daily News. “For me, I suppose you’d say I had been marrying beneath me.”

The prosecutor claimed that Durst “dominated” and mistreated Kathleen before he wiped out her and “disposed of her body.” He theorized that Kathleen’s remains are most likely within the backwoods of recent Jersey’s Pine Barrens.

Balian then asked the credibility of Durst, who had been around the witness are a symbol of 15 days, likening his testimony to cockroach soup. 

“You cannot tell which a part of that soup is tainted, and which a part of that soup isn’t tainted. It’s all regulated have contracted lies,” Balian stated, based on Reuters.

While Durst has was adamant his testimony have been truthful, he did confess to previous fabrications within the courtroom. He accepted he did lie to police in 1982 about his wife Kathleen calling him from her apartment in Manhattan the night time she was last seen alive. He stated the lie was designed to get detectives off his back.

In addition, Durst accepted around the are in position to laying previously concerning the so-known as “cadaver note” written to police to alert these to Berman’s body. As they denied writing it previously, including famously to filmmakers from the 2015 Cinemax docuseries “The Jinx,” he confessed around the stand he was the penman. He stated he authored it of panic after finding Berman’s dead body, believing when he’d simply known as government bodies, they’d recognize his voice and think he was responsible.

“He’s become away with murder for any lengthy time,” Balian mentioned. “It’s here we are at that to finish.”

Meanwhile, Durst’s defense attempted to convince the jury there isn’t enough evidence to convict him. 

“Fortunately for Mr. Durst, they unsuccessful to provide the needed evidence to aid their script/theory,” lawyer Nick Lewis stated on Tuesday. “In our beautiful country, we don’t convict folks according to made-for-TV-movies.”

Jury deliberations are anticipated to start on Sept. 14.

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