Helpful Tips For Who’s Who Within The Netflix Documentary ‘Why Have You Kill Me?’

In Netflix’s new documentary, “Why Have You Kill Me,” a violent crime touches the lives of multiple people whose lives intersected with the victim.

Very Theobald was 24-years-old when she was shot to dying, departing behind two youthful kids. Her murder devastated individuals who loved her — it also ripped apart the lives and groups of the youthful men accountable for her dying. Within the documentary, director Ernest Munk explores Theobald’s killing through multiple perspectives, ultimately imbuing his film with uncharacteristic sensitivity because he unflinchingly explores generational trauma and grief. 

Those chronicled within the documentary move interior and exterior one another’s lives, largely undetected. But they’re a part of the identical community, and shortly become divided by mistrust, gang violence and racial issues.

Here is a help guide to the main players and just how they can fit into Theobald’s story and just what came after.

Belinda Lane: Lane, Crystal’s mother, has survived a tough existence, balancing drug abuse while balancing the budget because the sole caretaker of her family. But witnessing Crystal’s dying changes the path of her existence. Mistrustful of police force, she takes the analysis into her very own hands. 

Jamie McIntyre: Just 14 years of age when her beloved cousin is wiped out, McIntyre helps Lane craft two Myspace profiles that become essential in identifying the important thing suspects within the murder. But the amateur detective work got its toll. 

“Making someone adore somebody that is dead isn’t a good feeling inside,” she states within the film. Women’s Health magazine reports that McIntyre has become a mom and full-time student. 

The Siblings: Justin Theobald, then 28 years of age, was together with his sister in the vehicle once the shots that wiped out her were fired he was uninjured. He’s even the brother seen in surveillance video cradling his wounded sister’s mind within the parking area of the nearby supermarket following the attack.

Various other brother, Robbie Lane, was the likely target from the shooting. Earlier at night, he’d tried a chase using the vehicle used during the shooting.

Nick Mariotti, who had been 13 years old during the time of the murder, is Lane’s youngest boy. He tipped off Crystal’s cousin, Jaime, the perpetrators were people from the 5150 gang which she may find them on social networking. 

William Sotelo: Sotelo drove the automobile utilized in the shooting and it was later effectively catfished by McIntyre and Lane. Their exchanges with him revealed that he was within the Job Corp and training to become a chef. While Lane found understand Sotelo as not only a gang member, she tracked him lower to Mexico, where he was arrested. He’s presently incarcerated for his role within the murder. 

Julio Heredia: Heredia only agreed to be 17 years of age as he shot and wiped out Theobald, getting became a member of the 5150 gang like a youthful teen. His sister, Amalia, seems within the film, discussing their difficult upbringing. She describes Heredia as a parent figure. Now, he is serving existence imprisonment without the potential of parole — a sentence which was handed lower after Lane requested the judge to not impose the dying penalty. 

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