Hearing To Find Out If Scott Peterson Should Customize The Trial Is Placed To Start

The conclusion on whether Scott Peterson will receive a new trial will hinge on the hearing beginning Friday—almost 2 decades following the California fertilizer salesperson was charged of killing his pregnant wife Laci and tossing her body in to the Bay Area Bay.

Balance-anticipated proceeding is anticipated to focus on whether a juror, nicknamed “Strawberry Shortcake” through the media due to her vibrant red hair throughout the 2004 trial, was biased due to her very own undisclosed past with domestic violence, based on The Connected Press.

Peterson’s defense attorneys have accused Richelle Nice—who is famous in the court documents as Juror 7—of as being a “stealth juror” for neglecting to disclose two separate domestic violence-related occurrences which had occurred years earlier, KTVU reports.  

In 2000, Nice had out a restraining order against her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend while she was pregnant because she feared on her unborn baby, but never disclosed the incident on the questionnaire asking whether she’d have you been the victim of the crime or perhaps a suit. She also never told a legal court about another incident the following year when her boyfriend beat her while she was pregnant with another child.

Peterson’s defense attorneys have contended when she’d have given the data during the time of jury selection, it might have impacted the trial.

“If she’d told the reality, she never could have been placed on the jury,” defense attorney Pat Harris told The Mercury News.

They’re seeking a brand new trial and aspire to present new evidence in regards to a nearby robbery within 24 hours Laci Peterson disappeared, plus an examination on  fetal remains they feel shows the fetus Laci was transporting was “alive not less than another 5 to 6 days” following the disappearance, Harris told the Connected Press.

However, prosecutors have contended the defense has unsuccessful to supply evidence suggesting that Nice were built with a “darker motive” to be the jury and also have contended against a brand new trial for that charged killer.

The conclusion on whether or not to grant Peterson a brand new trial will lie with Superior Court Judge Anne-Christine Massullo, who definitely are given the job of reviewing evidence and testimony provided throughout the hearing.

Additionally to Nice—who continues to be granted immunity with prosecutors in return for her testimony—attorneys could call a number of Nice’s fellow jurors towards the stand who authored it “We, the Jury” alongside her, journalists who’d covered the trial in 2004, and Peterson’s former lead attorney, Mark Geragos.

The hearing is anticipated to last in regards to a week.

Peterson was charged of killing his wife, and also the unborn boy the pair decided to mention Connor, after both physiques washed up across the Richmond shoreline four several weeks after Laci disappeared from her Modesto home on Christmas Eve in 2002.

Peterson, that has ongoing to proclaim his innocence, told investigators he’d been fishing your day his wife disappeared, but speculation about his participation within the deaths increased after it had been says he’d been getting cheating at that time with massage counselor Amber Frey.

Peterson was charged from the murders and sentenced to dying, however the dying sentence was overturned in August of 2020 following the California Top Court ruled that jurors who’d personally opposed the dying penalty but could have been interested in following what the law states and impose it were incorrectly excluded from serving around the jury.

He was resentenced to existence imprisonment in December after prosecutors opted to not retry the penalty phase from the trial.

After Peterson’s conviction, Nice authored him 17 letters in jail and received eight letters away from Peterson themself.

She told the Modesto Bee in 2017 that they had arrived at to the person she helped convict because she wanted him to describe why he’d committed the murders despite the fact that she didn’t expect him to confess towards the crimes.

Nice has stated inside a declaration filed in the court that they unsuccessful to reveal her very own personal history throughout the jury buying process because she didn’t realize a restraining order was considered a suit, based on the the local press. She also stated she didn’t consider herself the victim within the incident together with her boyfriend in 2001 while he had known as law enforcement. She described it as being much more of a “heated argument.”

“I have experienced numerous uncomfortable encounters within my existence,” she authored. “Those outlined above didn’t mix my thoughts during any area of the jury buying process or throughout the trial. They didn’t play any role within my look at evidence or my verdicts.”

Peterson, that has been gone to live in the Redwood Local jail for that hearing, is anticipated to stay in court every day.

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