‘He Was Guilty’: Alternate Juror In Derek Chauvin Murder Trial Speaks On Conviction

Another juror at the trial of Derek Chauvin said she agreed with the jury’s decision to convict him in George Floyd’s dying, saying she saw Chauvin because the leader of officials in the scene and the man brushed off warnings by bystanders that Floyd is at danger.

“I felt he was guilty,” Lisa Christensen stated on “CBS This Morning” inside a story aired Thursday. “I didn’t determine if it would be guilty on all counts, however i might have stated guilty.”

Christensen was 1 of 2 alternates ignored by Judge Peter Cahill after Monday’s closing arguments. The rest of the 12 jurors voted unanimously Tuesday to convict Chauvin on all counts: second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree wrongful death. The identities of jurors and alternates are safe underneath the judge’s order, and Christensen is the first one to openly speak out.

Chauvin, 45, was probably the most senior officer in the scene. Prosecutors stated he pinned Floyd towards the pavement outdoors Cup Foods, where Floyd have been charged with passing a counterfeit $20 bill, for 9 minutes, 29 seconds. Three other officials, since fired, face trial in August.

“I felt like he was the best choice, and yet another officials were following his lead,” Christensen stated. “I type of felt like he wasn’t using the warnings seriously clearly, a lot like, ‘I understand what I’m doing.’”

Christensen described her impressions of Chauvin.

“Every time I’d lookup, he was in my vision,” she stated. “So we locked eyes a number of occasions and that i was pretty uncomfortable.”

Prosecutors performed an array of videos for that jury, including teenager Darnella Frazier’s bystander video that was seen worldwide within the hrs after Floyd’s dying. That video and also the officers’ body camera video taken bystanders shouting at Chauvin and yet another officials to obtain off Floyd, warning that they are reducing his breathing and asking to look into the pulse.

Christensen stated she felt prosecutors “made an excellent, strong argument” and credited Dr. Martin Tobin, certainly one of their medical professionals, for his testimony about how Floyd’s breathing was stop through the restraint.

“Dr. Tobin was the one which really made it happen for me personally. He described something to me, I understood it, lower where he stated, ‘This was as soon as where he lost his existence.’ Really reached me.”

Christensen was critical from the defense, saying attorney Eric Nelson ” overpromised at first and didn’t meet what he stated he would do.”

Nelson contended that Floyd died due to his utilization of drugs and also to heart issues. Also, he contended that videos were deceitful, that Chauvin’s knee wasn’t on Floyd’s neck as lengthy as prosecutors stated which an autopsy found no proof of harm to his neck. And that he searched for to portray the concerned bystanders like a threatening crowd that distracted officials.

Nelson hasn’t commented because the verdicts and didn’t immediately react to a note Thursday.

Christensen recognized Frazier for shooting the recording, saying without them she didn’t think the situation could have been possible.

“I just don’t experience how it got from the counterfeit $20 bill to some dying,” she stated. “It type of shocks me.”

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