Harmony Montgomery’s Mother States She Doesn’t ‘Feel Like She’s Gone’ And Desires Her Daughter To Understand She ‘Never Stopped Looking’

Mom of missing 7-year-old Harmony Montgomery states she doesn’t seem like her daughter is finished and desires her to understand she’s “never stopped looking” on her.

“I don’t seem like she’s gone. I simply don’t believe that within my heart,” Very Sorey stated in a candlelight vigil for Harmony Saturday, based on NBC10 Boston. “Like, I do not seem like I lost her. Along with a mother knows, a mom knows in case your baby’s here or otherwise. I understand she’s here.”

Sorey hasn’t talked to her daughter since a Facetime call around Easter time of 2019 and stated her daughter appeared “frightened” at that time, based on a redacted affidavit acquired by

The youthful girl have been coping with her father, Adam Montgomery, after Sorey lost child custody of her daughter in 2018 as a result of drug abuse problem.

Sorey later obtained her sobriety and attempted to locate her daughter but told police that Adam and the wife Kayla Montgomery “had blocked all communication” from her on social networking as well as their mobile phones.

“I’ve been pleading for any kind of answer since 2019,” Sorey stated Saturday.

She stated she just wants her daughter to “come home” and delivered an individual message to Harmony.

“Hi, baby. If you’re able to see me and listen to me, I really want you to understand which i never stopped searching for we will not stop fighting until I’ve found you, okay? You remain strong and mommy’s the following fighting for you personally. I really like you!” she stated.

Mother and father stated nobody has witnessed Harmony since late 2019 however, she wasn’t reported missing until November.

Over the past weekend, police force officials came back towards the Nh home where Harmony was coping with her father before she disappeared to look the home at 77 Gilford St., based on The Boston Globe. Officials were spotted Sunday morning taking an orange bucket and blue tarp behind the Manchester home and were later seen taking sheets of insulation in the home around 10:30 a.m., the newspaper reports.

Nh Assistant Attorney General Jesse O’Neill told this news outlet the weekend search was a part of “ongoing police activity” but declined to supply further details.

It had been the 2nd search from the property, which is not of anybody attached to the situation, The Brand New You are able to Publish reports.

Although no a person arrested regarding the Harmony’s disappearance, police arrested Adam Montgomery a week ago and billed him with legal second-degree assault, a misdemeanor control of interference with child custody and 2 misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a kid, based on an announcement from police.

The costs were filed after Adam’s uncle, Kevin Montgomery, told police he saw Harmony having a “black eye” in This summer of 2019, based on the affidavit.

Based on his account, Adam allegedly told him he’d given his daughter, who had been just five years old at that time, the black eye as punishment after he’d requested her to look at her baby brother as they visited the restroom. The infant began to weep as they vanished and Adam told his uncle he came back to locate her “holding her give the child’s mouth to prevent him from crying,” based on the affidavit.

Adam told his uncle he “bashed her round the house” in retaliation, giving her the black eye, court papers allege.

When asked about his daughter’s location by police, Adam told investigators he’d not seen his daughter since around Thanksgiving 2019 as he stated Sorey found pick her up. Sorey has adamantly denied that account.

Last week’s arrest wasn’t his only challenge with what the law states. Adam includes a extended criminal background which includes shooting another man hard throughout a 2014 drug deal, the Boston Globe reports.

Adam’s wife, Kayla Montgomery, seemed to be arrested a week ago on charges of welfare fraud after she allegedly ongoing to gather food stamps allotted for Harmony for several weeks, although the girl wasn’t any longer living with your family, based on an announcement in the Nh Attorney General’s Office.

An incentive, totaling nearly $100,000, has been offered for just about any details about Harmony’s current location.

“If you realize anything about my baby, please, I’m pleading you to definitely come forward, so she will get home,” Sorey told NBC10 Boston.

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