Harmony Montgomery’s Father And Stepmother Indicted, Week After Dying Of Father’s Girlfriend

Missing Nh girl Harmony Montgomery’s father and stepmother happen to be indicted with regards to her situation, per week after her father’s girlfriend was discovered dead inside a hotel.

A Hillsborough County grand jury indicted both Adam Montgomery, 30, and Kayla Montgomery, 31, on March 21, regarding the Harmony, who disappeared in 2019 at age 5, the Connected Press reports. 

Adam was indicted on the legal control of second-degree assault, for allegedly striking Harmony hard in This summer 2019. He seemed to be arrested on two charges of endangering the welfare of a kid. Meanwhile, Kayla, who’s estranged from Adam, was reported on the legal control of thievery by deceptiveness, for allegedly laying towards the Health Department about Harmony finding yourself in her home from November 2019 to June 2, 2021, to ensure that she could receive food stamp benefits.

The indictment came days after Adam’s girlfriend was discovered dead. The remains of Kelsey Small, 27, put together on March 13 in a hotel in Nh, police told WMUR. Investigators aren’t thinking about her dying suspicious. Based on the Nh Union Leader, she was discovered dead in Manchester and her reason for dying is pending. 

When Adam was arrested on New Year’s Eve regarding the Harmony’s disappearance, both he and Small existed inside a vehicle. Small was not billed with any crime.

Harmony has not been seen since late 2019. She wasn’t reported missing until late this past year, when her mother, Very Sorey, accomplished it. Adam Montgomery had been administered child custody from the girl while Sorey is at medications in 2018, then he allegedly cut the kid removed from her mother.

Both Adam and Kayla pleaded not liable and have claimed that Harmony was coping with Sorey when she disappeared, based on the Connected Press. Sorey claims that they last saw Harmony throughout a video chat around Easter time of 2019.

Kayla arrives in court on April 7 while Adam Montgomery is scheduled for any June 28 court date.

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