‘Guilty People Act Guilty’: Arrest Produced In Sc Double Murder After ‘Cold Justice’ Analysis

It had been a Father’s Day discovery that shook Chester County, Sc to the core. On Sunday, June 21, 2020, Gene Rogers, 61, and the mother, Billie Rogers, 78, put together shot to dying within their rv. 

How could both of these good and generous church-going people, because they maintained by family and buddies, have met this type of violent finish? 

“We’re the suburbs with big city problems,” Chester County Sheriff’s Office Det. Rikki Burch tells “Cold Justice,” airing Saturdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend . “But we simply do not have the sources like big metropolitan areas.”

On the recent episode, veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler and investigator Steve Spingola visit Chester County to consider the harrowing situation. 

Chester County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Al Crawford, Sgt. Michael Dean, Lt. Wade Youthful, and Burch bring Siegler and Spingola up to date around the murders. The victims’ physiques put together by Gene’s step-grand son Gene “Alex” Scott, 24, who had been within the Army and stationed in Germany during the time of the “Cold Justice” analysis. 

On June 21, 2020, Alex showed up in the Rogers’ the place to find fall off a Father’s Day card. He told police he saw the physiques which he’d locked his keys in the vehicle and ran to some nearby neighbor’s house for help. 

Covering casings were collected in the scene along with a gunshot residue package was collected on Alex. “Nothing returned with any improvements,” Burch states. 

Six several weeks prior to the murder, Alex, who by a number of accounts were built with a troubled youth, have been discharged in the Marines. Gene gave him $90,000 to begin their own security business. During the time of the murders, just $300 of this gift continued to be, based on “Cold Justice.” 

Gene’s $700,000 existence insurance plan was considered a potential motive for murder as investigators considered suspects including Alex and the roommate Ian Little, an old Marine who labored with him in the security company. 

Ian declined to talk with government bodies during the time of the murders. In November 2020, Ian died by suicide.

Evan Webb, an old Marine who supposedly is at Chester County to interview for income using the security company, is yet another person of great interest.  Investigators should also speak with Aaron Scott, Gene’s stepson and Alex’s uncle, due to his financial stake in Gene’s existence insurance payout.

Siegler and Spingola talk with Paul Rogers, who’s devastated through the murders of his brother and mother. He confirms the are convinced that Gene gave Alex a sizable amount of cash to leap-start his business. 

According to reports by officials and witnesses, Alex’s behavior after locating the physiques elevated warning flags. “I’ve never witnessed anybody behave as bizarrely as Alex did,” Spingola states. “From wild moodiness to showing up in the ground to attempting to escape police force.”

In the murder scene, ballistics expert Chris Robinson reconstructs the crime. His demonstration shows how rapidly and intentionally the killer moved through the trailer killing both victims, based on Spingola. 

“This would indicate in my experience it had become somebody with firearms expertise, making Marine veteran Alex a far more likely suspect than Aaron,” Spingola states.

Interviews with Aaron and Gene’s friend make sure Gene, who trained Sunday school rather than missed church, didn’t attend church on Father’s Day. 

“That suggests the murders happened the night time before,” states Siegler, adding it had become exactly the same night Alex had met with Ian and Evan in regards to a security job opening. Your window for that murders is thought to be between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

When Spingola and Dean interview him by telephone, Evan claims he wasn’t really thinking about the task opening and couldn’t recall who had been in the meeting. Requested point blank if he was active in the murders of Gene and Billie or had understanding about who committed the crime, Evan denies any guilt. 

Siegler interviews Ian’s girlfriend to determine if his behavior altered following the crime, and investigators discover Ian’s mood altered dramatically. Although there wasn’t any method to prove it, the unconventional shift raises the chance that Ian understood about or aided within the murders.

To higher understand Alex’s relationship with Gene, investigators consult with Gene’s ex-wife, Robin. She states that Alex would be a troubled youth who had been interior and exterior condition homes. “Robin paints an uplifting picture of Alex being very manipulative towards Gene and being terrifying to Billie,” states Spingola. 

Digital forensics expert Eric Devlin’s analysis of Alex’s mobile phone usage and internet searches, together with those of his Marine buddies who met the night time prior to the physiques put together, provide valuable information. 

Based on the data, on Saturday between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., that is thought to be your window for that crime, Ian’s phone was nowhere close to the crime scene. Evan’s phone wasn’t either it wasn’t anywhere near Alex’s apartment where he stated it had been. 

Siegler views the chance that “Alex just composed an interview story and requested his buddies to lie about this.”

Digital analysis implies that Alex’s phone what food was in his home connected to a charger once the murderers are viewed to possess been committed. “You need to question if he was smart enough to depart it there while he understood the investigators might check up on that,” states Siegler. 

Devlin’s analysis reveals that during the time of the murders Alex looked the web about how exactly lengthy gunshot residue could be detected, the dying penalty, and existence insurance payouts. Why would he be searching individuals subjects, an investigator asks? “Guilty people act guilty,” states Spingola.

The “Cold Justice” team decides to not achieve to Alex where he was stationed in Germany. “He could possibly easily leave the bottom if he felt threatened by our questions,” states Siegler.

After reviewing their investigations, they clears Aaron like a suspect. Due to his murky and sporadic interviews concerning the crime, Evan can’t be removed like a suspect. They was uncertain if Ian was active in the crime or had understanding from it before he wiped out themself.

A mountain of evidence is stacked facing Alex, and it is given to the Chester County deputy solicitor with the expectation of his being billed.

On October 23, 2021, Gene “Alex” Scott was transported home from Germany and arrested and billed using the murders of Gene and Billie Rogers.

Prison records reveal that Scott includes a pending court date for December 30, reported during the time of the arrest. 

To understand more about this situation, watch  “Cold Justice,” airing Saturdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend. You’ll find more episodes here. 

Written by Stephanie Green

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