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Government bodies Use DNA To Mention Suspect In California Woman’s 1999 Cold Situation Murder

The household of the 1999 murder victim used an active press conference in California to pressure police to openly identify her killer.

Officials using the Richmond Police Department held a press conference on Thursday to announce that DNA had conclusively connected a guy towards the murder of 28-year-old Meekiah Wadley, as printed by CBS Bay Area. But when there, acting Richmond Police Chief Louie Tirona withheld the suspect’s name, only revealing he died 11 days following the murder.

Just moments in to the live press conference, Wadley’s niece, Devinee Peterson, elevated her hands to obtain Tirona’s attention.

“Why could it be OK that he’s a secret?” Peterson requested. “We understand what he did. Why the household can’t know? They appear at him like a hero. He is not quite the hero. He’s a killer.”

Tirona responded by asking, “Why give someone fame and prestige for any murder?”

Attendees in the press conference found the family’s defense, demanding that government bodies give Wadley’s family the closure they searched for — that they eventually did.

As officials were seen conversing without anyone’s knowledge, Tirona announced that Wadley’s killer was 35-year-old Lee Foundation Henderson.

Based on the since-released statement from police, officials taken care of immediately reports of screaming in a Carlson Boulevard residence on Jan. 9, 1999, around 7:30 a.m. A neighbor choose to go to research and knocked around the door but retreated once the screaming ongoing.

Police stated they provided entry in to the home minutes after coming, and located Meekiah Wadley accurate her bed room floor, still warm to touch. Her hands were bound with shoelaces, along with a buck knife is discovered under her body.

It had been later determined that they died because of asphyxia by smothering.

Meekiah’s sister, Quila Wadley, what food was in the press conference and then spoke to about her sister.

She described that she’d wished to iron out some information regarding the situation with police force prior to the pr release, which she stated she’d thought would name Henderson.

“But whenever we reached this news conference, they didn’t do none of this,” Quila Wadley described. “The story altered. It had been just humiliating. It had been hurtful.”

Meekiah Wadley’s family states the details officials provided about her murder weren’t entirely correct.

“She really went to a healthcare facility, plus they ran her,” Quila Wadley told “I observed them focusing on her in the hospital.”

She also described that, although some labeled the murder as domestic violence, Meekiah Wadley and Henderson were just buddies who visited exactly the same college and weren’t inside a partnership.

“She would be a friendly, outgoing person always smiling,” Quila Wadley stated of her sister, who had been a brand new mother during the time of her passing. “[She] had exactly the same buddies since grade school, same number of buddies. Only a real sweet person.”

She added that Meekiah Wadley’s child increased as much as have two kids of her very own.

The situation went cold soon after government bodies eliminated just as one suspect the person that Meekiah Wadley have been the night before her murder, based on the release. A DNA profile, produced from the bloodstain available at the crime scene and evidence on her behalf hands, was delivered to the condition Department of Justice in 2002, but provided no results.

In 2020, a brand new DNA profile was produced through the Contra Costa County Crime Lab using physical evidence from beneath the victim’s finger nails and her ligatures, the discharge ongoing.

“She fought against back,” Quila Wadley told “That’s why they could obtain the DNA.”

In October 2020, that DNA was delivered to the California Department of Justice’s DNA Data Base Program and tested with genetic genealogy. In 2021, it had been matched to some potential relative of Lee Foundation Henderson.

Further testing confirmed the possibility relative’s DNA linked Henderson towards the crime scene.

Based on the police, Henderson died on Jan. 20, 1999 — 11 days following the murder — of the suspected drug overdose.

“It is my sincere hope this resolution brings the household of Meekiah Wadley a stride of peace,” California Attorney General Take advantage of Bonta stated within the statement. “Nothing can ever restore a family member, but we’re dedicated to doing all we are able to to assist bring the reality to light within the fight for justice.”

“I simply want individuals to know there’s hope,” Quila Wadley told “Don’t quit. I do not care how lengthy it requires.”

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