Government bodies Searched for Out Psychic To Assist Them To Look For A Missing Pregnant 15-Year-Old

Whenever a 15-year-old disappeared from southwestern Michigan in 1993, government bodies used all tools available — including psychics.

Becky Stowe originated from the little capital of scotland- Niles, just north from the Indiana border. She and her family enjoyed summers at Lake Michigan full of cookouts and campfires. That summer time, the once-tomboyish child appeared to become entering her very own and began dating her crush, Robert Leamon.

“Becky was vibrant. She would be a little around the wild side, I am talking about, she was very adventurous,” Becky’s sister Cindy Slates told “Buried outside,” airing Thursdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend. “She was excited and happy to possess a boyfriend. Take advantage of was the large crush that summer time, the man she explained she was dating.”

Robert Leamon was the all-American teen, famous senior high school for his handsome looks and plays around the football field. However, Becky was a lot of school’s digital rebel. She resided together with her mother, Diane, and Diane’s lengthy-time boyfriend, Steve. She smoked a pack each day and contended using the adults frequently, as numerous teenagers do.

“When Steve first moved in, he had been a parent figure for Becky,” stated Slates. “But Steve would seem bossy to Becky, and Becky didn’t like this, and they’d not get along at occasions.”

On This summer 9, 1993, Diane decided to allow her to daughter sleep at her friend Jacqueline’s house when Becky stated she’d had an adequate amount of Steve as well as their arguments. The very next day, Becky created a note for Jacqueline and her boyfriend, Todd Kizer, saying she discontinued to go to Take advantage of.

Jacqueline and Todd increased concerned when Take advantage of known as them an hour or so later, asking where Becky was.

“He was adamant he hadn’t seen her all day long,” stated Kizer.

Becky left her wallet, money, and cigarettes behind. When Diane heard this news and it was not able to discover Becky, she known as law enforcement.

Government bodies asked Becky’s buddies, and Jacqueline designed a shocking confession: Becky was pregnant. Inside a later interview, Take advantage of Leamon told government bodies the relationship wasn’t as serious as Becky thought so that it is. He claimed he understood concerning the pregnancy and attempted to convince Becky with an abortion. He denied seeing Becky at the time she disappeared.

“I remember your comments ought to about him dating Becky,” stated Becky’s cousin Pam Thomas. “That he’s going on the other hand from the tracks, dating someone who was way beneath him.”

Actually, Take advantage of maintained he had been inside a romantic relationship with another girl, however the girlfriend was away in New You are able to for that summer time. Take advantage of also stated your day she disappeared he was busy doing landscaping work, getting together with his family, and then visiting the restaurant where he labored like a busboy.

“He had an alibi,” stated Cass County Prosecutor Scott Teter. “We didn’t have need to doubt he was telling us the reality.”

Government bodies started to question if Becky, a youthful and frightened pregnant teen, disappeared of her very own volition. Individuals nearest to her didn’t think so, noting that Becky appeared to depart her possessions behind.

When detectives learned Becky and her mother’s boyfriend, Steve, were built with a tense relationship, it motivated government bodies to appear closer in the home. Steve had your day off work and maintained he what food was in the home alone when Becky disappeared.

The little capital of scotland- Niles buzzed with local looks for Becky, and Diane published missing persons flyers on telephone rods and storefront home windows. But several weeks passed there was still being no manifestation of Becky. Although surveillance on Steve created nothing suspicious that may link him to Becky’s disappearance, detectives requested him to consider a polygraph test.

Not just did Steve refuse to accept polygraph test, but also, he packed his things and moved away with no word.

“He couldn’t did other things to create themself look more guilty compared to way he was behaving,” stated Teter. “Instead of going for a polygraph, Steve moved away from home.”

Detectives unsuccessful to discover Steve, and because the several weeks passed, a large number of searches were performed hoping finding Becky. Diane, now without her daughter and boyfriend, started to get desperate. She switched to psychics for solutions, however they all in all her exactly the same factor: Becky was dead, and they’d never find her alive.

“In the over twenty five years I’ve been a prosecutor, Irrrve never had any police force agency meet with a psychic,” stated Teter. “In this situation, because [this] choose to go on for more than a year . 5, so we were approaching empty, the choice is made to meet with a psychic which had aided police force in another situation.”

The psychic indicated a commercial area with water nearby.

“It was interesting, [but] it was not specific enough for all of us to pin lower,” ongoing Teter. “It didn’t break a situation.”

2 yrs after Becky’s mysterious disappearance, the leads dried out and also the situation increased cold — until officials using the Cass County Sheriff’s Office had a shocking call from the lady who claimed she understood just what became of Becky Stowe.

The lady was Angela Snyder, Take advantage of Leamon’s senior high school sweetheart. She stated Take advantage of accepted to killing Becky and hidden her on his uncle’s farm. Based on Snyder, Becky’s remains might be found near a treeline with a lake a grave hidden with a large woodpile.

On March. 5, 1995, investigators visited the scene and removed the woodpile, as explained Snyder. Utilizing a backhoe, they dug inch by inch prior to the machine pulled red-colored clothing and skeletal remains from the hole in the earth.

“It was simple to recognize it had been a pelvic bone along with a leg,” stated Teter.

Dental records confirmed it had been your body of Becky Stowe. Decomposition managed to get impossible for any medical examiner to find out how she died, nor could they find physical evidence that they was pregnant during the time of her dying.

Take advantage of opted for detectives and under your own accord provided his account of the items happened. Based on Take advantage of, he required Becky to his uncle’s house to invest time together. The happy couple started to wrestle, Take advantage of alleged, saying he maneuvered Becky’s arms round her mind before hearing something pop. It had been any sort of accident, Take advantage of claimed.

Investigators, however, believed it had been a premeditated murder after learning Take advantage of and the cousin — men with learning disabilities — dug the opening the day before.

Government bodies arrested Robert Leamon for open murder (meaning a jury would determine if it had been a situation of first- or second-degree murder). Although he was just 16 years of age once the murder happened, Take advantage of was attempted being an adult.

“When we learned that Robert have been arrested, it had been a little bit of relief,” stated Kizer. “Because we’d spent a few years searching and wishing, and that’s pretty demanding.”

More here is how Becky died been revealed throughout the 1997 trial when prosecutors help with their form of occasions.

“I think he required her available, demonstrated her the opening in the earth, and stated, ‘Do you know the way serious I’m in regards to you through an abortion?’” stated Teter. “And then she began to battle. She was strangled to the stage that they lost awareness after which make the hole. She might possibly not have died instantly from being strangled. Becky Stowe was hidden alive.”

A jury found Robert Leamon responsible for murder. He was sentenced to existence imprisonment.

“Becky Stowe died because she’d a crush on the kid, and she or he fell deeply in love with him, she rested with him, she became pregnant,” stated Teter. “And this kid, of all the people she might have selected, would be a homicidal sociopath. And when dealing with the option of being embarrassed he rested together with her or killing her, he chose killing her.”

In The month of january 2021, Robert Leamon was launched from prison after serving 26 years following the Top Court considered existence sentences for juveniles unconstitutional.

For additional about this situation yet others enjoy it, watch “Buried outside,” airing Thursdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend, or stream episodes here.

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