Government bodies Confirm Missing Washington Woman’s Body Was Discovered In Trunk Of Car At Auto Yard

Your body of the missing Washington lady was positively recognized by government bodies after it had been discovered within the trunk of the vehicle in an auto yard recently.

The Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed Monday the body belonged to 41-year-old Patricia “Tricia” Soto, who disappeared at the begining of November.

Even though the medical examiner listed the reason and types of dying as “pending,” King County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tim Meyer told the situation has been investigated like a homicide.

Soto was last seen on November. 7 in a residence in Burien, based on an early on statement from Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

The company reported the 41-year-old missing recently after her family people had grown concerned on her safety simply because they believed it had been “unusual on her not to stay in connection with her family with this period of time,” government bodies stated.

Her body is discovered on 12 ,. 21 in an auto yard in Pierce County.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Sgt. Darren Moss told The San antonio Occasions that deputies made the invention once they were notified that the vehicle associated with military services weapons person’s situation have been towed towards the yard and discovered your body within the trunk.

The King County Sheriff’s Office has had over because the lead investigating agency, based on Meyer, due to Soto’s ties to Burien and the fact that she might have been in the region at about the time she disappeared.

He told that government bodies continue to be attempting to determine Soto’s final movements before she disappeared.

“I think that’s really going arrive at detectives really attempting to patch together exactly what’s happened,” he stated. “Obviously it is really an analysis that now spans three counties. That is why we have our work eliminate for all of us about this.”

Detectives aren’t releasing any information at the moment about how exactly the 41-year-old died.

“We’ve had a great major crimes unit,” Meyer stated. “This is the things they’re doing and i believe as time passes and great work they will have the ability to tell that whole story.”

Based on Meyer, the analysis remains “open and active.”

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