Government bodies Believe They’ve Found The Remains of Missing Amish Teen

Government bodies believe they’ve discovered the body of 18-year-old Linda Stoltzfoos, an Amish teen who disappeared last year while walking home from church in Pennsylvania. 

The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office stated inside a press conference on Thursday the remains were covered with a tarp and hidden behind the previous worksite of the Justo Smoker, 34. Smoker may be the the primary suspect in the teenager’s disappearance, according to PennLive.

As the remains have yet to be positively identified through forensics, Da Louise Adams stated government bodies “strongly believe” they belong to Stoltzfooz. 

Stoltzfoos disappeared June 21, 2020 while walking away from church within the Bird-In-Hands area, based on an announcement from prosecutors.

Adams stated government bodies believe Smoker kidnapped the teen after which wiped out her before burning her body within an area from Harvest Road where investigators later recovered a woman’s bra and stockings. They feel Smoker then moved your body for an area behind a Gap store in Dutchland Corporation, where he’d once labored.  

Your body was discovered having a dress, bonnet and footwear in conjuction with the ones Stoltzfoos was wearing when she disappeared. An initial look at the remains through the coroner’s office determined your body would be a female and round the same age as Stoltzfoos, Adams stated within the press conference. 

An autopsy to verify the reason and types of dying is anticipated to become conducted on Friday.

Smoker was arrested per month following the disappearance after multiple witnesses reported seeing an Amish female within the passenger seat of the red or orange Kia matching the outline of Smoker’s vehicle, based on an early on release by prosecutors.

One witness apparently testified that Stoltzfoos didn’t return her wave as she passed and “looked at me with pleading eyes,” PennLive reports.

Surveillance footage acquired by investigators also taken Stoltzfoos near a red Kia Rio as she walked along Beechdale Road.

Adams stated Thursday the surveillance footage demonstrated to become critical in linking Smoker towards the crime.

Smoker has apparently denied ever meeting the teen or playing a job in her own dying. ” Adams told the analysis ‘did not reveal any past understanding or connection’ between Stoltzfoos and Smoker.”

As they was billed with legal kidnapping and misdemeanor false jail time, the costs were later upgraded to homicide in December 2020 after prosecutors contended that Stoltzfoos was likely dead. 

People from the Fbi, East Lampeter Township Police Department and also the Pennsylvania Condition Police discovered a persons remains the 2009 week throughout a look for the missing teen. Government bodies haven’t stated what brought these to the region.

Stoolfootz’s uncle told WHP-TV he was “still in shock” following the discovery and it is “never ready for news such as this.”

Others locally stated they hope the invention from the remains brings the household a degree of of closure.

“It’s sad,” Krista Hanna told this news outlet. “I hope the family feels peace a bit and also the search has ended plus they know ok now what happened.”

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