Ghislaine Maxwell Jury Adjourns After Third Day’s Deliberations Without Any Verdict

The jury thinking about the fate of Ghislaine Maxwell at her sex trafficking trial finished another full day’s deliberations Monday without any sign that the verdict is near with no obvious signal either that there’s dissension within their ranks.

Jurors in Manhattan federal court requested for multi-colored sticky notes along with a white-colored board, together with transcripts of some trial testimony, the phrase “enticement” along with a question around the law. Judge Alison J. Nathan referred these to her legal instructions that they read for them right before they started deliberations the other day.

The judge also requested they deliberate an additional hour beginning Tuesday, unless of course that produced a difficulty.

The British socialite is billed with recruiting and grooming teenagers as youthful as 14 to become sexually assaulted by financier Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell’s lawyers say she would be a U.S. government scapegoat after Epstein wiped out themself in 2019 inside a Manhattan federal jail cell while waiting for a sex trafficking trial. 

Maxwell, who had been in jail on her 60th birthday Saturday, was referred to as a main aspect of Epstein’s plans by four ladies who testified these were sexually mistreated as teenagers by Epstein with the aid of Maxwell when she was his girlfriend and afterward.

Maxwell’s lawyers stated the recollections of her accusers were corrupted by the passing of time and also the influence of lawyers steering them toward multimillion-dollar payouts from the fund established to compensate Epstein victims.

The jury, which deliberated two full days a week ago, already has requested to examine the testimony from the four women, together with former Epstein housekeeper Juan Patricio Alessi. They’ve given little hint of the overall progress on six charges, together with a sex trafficking count that has a potential penalty as high as 4 decades imprisonment.

On Monday, jurors requested for that transcript of testimony by “Matt,” the pseudonym of the television actor who testified that he’s the ex-boyfriend of “Jane,” the pseudonym of the actor who is among the four accusers who testified against Maxwell. The judge had ruled that some witnesses within the trial could testify with simply first names or pseudonyms to safeguard their privacy.

Matt, who resided with Jane from 2007 to 2014, testified that Jane initially described Epstein like a godfather who helped her family settle payments after her father’s illness and dying depleted their finances. She was 14 when she met Epstein.

He stated she eventually told him the help Epstein provided “wasn’t free,” but didn’t provide any information regarding what went down.

As he was requested what her attitude was like as he requested Jane questions regarding her encounters with Epstein, he testified that they was “ashamed, embarrassed, horrified.”

Matt stated she also told him that they felt much more comfortable in her own encounters with Epstein since there would be a lady around. Matt stated he contacted Jane after Maxwell’s This summer 2020 arrest and requested her if Maxwell was the lady she’d referenced as making her feel much more comfortable in her own dealings with Epstein.

He testified that they confirmed Maxwell was the lady.

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