Ghislaine Maxwell Juror Who Had Been Victim Of Kid Abuse To Become Asked Under Oath By Judge

The court stated Thursday that she’ll question a juror under oath throughout a rare publish-verdict evidentiary listening to the solutions he gave during jury choice for the criminal trial of Ghislaine Maxwell after he told news outlets he did not recall being requested about prior sexual abuse.

U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan stated inside a written order that she’ll question the juror March 8 in a public court.

She also stated she’d rejected a request by Maxwell’s attorneys that they order a brand new trial without gathering more details. 

Maxwell, 60, remains incarcerated after she was charged of sex trafficking, among other charges, throughout a December trial by which she was portrayed because the chief recruiter of teenage women for financier Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse. Prosecutors stated she also sometimes became a member of within the abuse.

In interviews with news outlets, the juror described a minute throughout the deliberations as he told fellow jurors that, like a few of the victims of Epstein, he’d been sexually mistreated growing up. And that he stated he convinced other jurors that the victim’s imperfect memory of sex abuse does not mean it did not happen.

Nathan stated it wasn’t simple for parties to get the type of hearing she’ll conduct concerning the juror’s conduct.

But she stated she’d concluded, and prosecutors had conceded, the high standard needed to stage a publish-verdict evidentiary hearing was met “whether Juror 50 unsuccessful to reply truthfully throughout the jury buying process as to whether he fell for sexual abuse.”

She stated he’d “made several direct, unambiguous statements to multiple media outlets about their own experience that don’t have to do with jury deliberations which cast doubt around the precision of his responses during jury selection.”

She added: “To become obvious, the possibility impropriety isn’t that someone with past sexual abuse might have offered around the jury. Rather, it’s the potential failure to reply truthfully to questions throughout the jury buying process that requested for your material information to ensure that any potential bias might be explored.”

Potential jurors in Maxwell’s situation were requested to complete a questionnaire asking: “Have you ever or perhaps a family member or friend have you been the victim of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, or sexual assault?”

Nathan stated in her own order the juror’s questionnaire is going to be unsealed.

Meanwhile, a Jan. 10 submission towards the judge from the  lawyer for that juror was unsealed Thursday.

Within the letter, attorney Todd Spodek requested the judge to produce to attorneys the written juror questionnaire that his client had completed because the trial started.

Spodek stated the juror doesn’t recall answering questions during jury selection about his prior knowledge about sexual assault.

Spodek stated the juror, identified only as “Juror 50,” desired to safeguard his privacy legal rights and the to avoid self-incrimination.

Maxwell continues to be in jail since her This summer 2020 arrest. Epstein, 66, was arrested last year on sex trafficking charges, but he required his existence inside a Manhattan federal lockup in August 2019.

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