Georgia Sheriff Hopes Technology Will Offer You Solutions In 2014 Cold Situation Murder Of Seniors Couple

A nearby sheriff states data presented to the FBI may help them solve the grisly double homicide of the seniors pair eight years back.

Russell Dermond, 88, and the wife Shirley Dermond, 87, were brutally murdered within their gated community overlooking Lake Oconee, Georgia, in 2014, based on Fox Macon affiliate WGXA. Officials using the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office now hope that recent use of newer technology managed through the FBI will assist them identify a killer or killers for good.

Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills told NBC Atlanta affiliate WXIA-TV on Friday the new evidence includes mobile phone data.

“The technology we’re using wasn’t around in 2014,” Sheriff Sills mentioned. “I shouldn’t produce the impression which i have developed some silver bullet, however this is an additional tool we’re using to discover who perpetrated these heinous crimes.”

The murders were shocking for Sills, who once known as it probably the most frustrating situation of his career. He’d even cautioned residents to lock their doorways, claiming that everybody (except him) would be a suspect.

Around the morning of May 6, 2014, a neighbor and her husband passed the couple’s million-dollar home in the Great Waters at Reynolds golf resort once they hadn’t proven to the community’s annual Kentucky Derby party 72 hours earlier.

There, they found the decapitated body of Mr. Dermond in the spare room. It appeared someone attempted to wash the crime scene with a lot of bloodstream-drenched towels, that have been apparently then accustomed to keep bloodstream from seeping underneath the garage doors, based on Fox Atlanta affiliate WAGA-TV.

Mr. Dermond’s mind has not been found, but gunpowder located on the victim’s collar brought government bodies to think he was shot and someone then removed his mind to help keep investigators from locating the bullet.

It had been initially thought that Mrs. Dermond have been kidnapped. But, ten days later, two fishermen found her body inside a lake in Eatonton, Georgia about five miles in the couple’s home.

Postmortem examination reports printed by WXIA-TV demonstrated that somebody had attempted to weigh her body lower by tying red cinder blocks tied round her ankles with parachute cording. Experts ruled she’d skull fractures in line with being beat having a hammer, leading to her dying.

“I’m likely to catch these sons of bitches,” Sills vowed, based on the Atlanta outlet.

Investigators, however, found no foreign DNA in this area, there have been no eyewitnesses and countless interviews brought to nowhere. There wasn’t any manifestation of forced entry into and absolutely nothing was obtained from the house. It had been never determined when the killer or killers showed up in the couple’s home by land or through the lake.

The couple’s three adult children were eliminated as suspects, based on WGXA, after passing polygraph tests, per WAGA-TV.

At some point, investigators checked out the charged killer who’d murdered the Dermonds’ boy, Mark Dermond, throughout a 2000 drug deal, based on the Macon outlet. But government bodies never connected the 2 cases.

“Obviously, Mother and Father, at that time, were within their mid-to-late 80s,” their boy, Kaira Dermond, told WXIA-TV Friday. “If there is an opponent available, [it] would occured earlier than that.”

“What we want above all else is perfect for anyone to give us a call and inform us who accounts for this savagery,” Sheriff Sills added.

Anybody with information can contact the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at 1-706-485-8557.

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