Former Radio Intern Testifies That R. Kelly Starved And Sexually Assaulted Her

Another R. Kelly accuser gave terrible testimony detailing the alleged abuse she suffered through the singer as his sex trafficking trial continues.

The lady told jurors on Thursday that they would be a 21-year-old radio intern when she was allegedly kept in a dark room for several days before she was sexually assaulted at Kelly’s “Chocolate Factory” mansion.

“I was sexually assaulted,” the 39-year-old lady, whose name is not released, testified, the Connected Press reports. “It wasn’t something I asked.”

She detailed how she went after Kelly to have an interview like a youthful single mom from Salt Lake City.

“It could have been my initial huge celebrity interview,” she stated of her wants a talk to the singer. “I thought it might kickstart my career.”

She testified that Kelly compensated on her to fly to Chicago so she could satisfy the singer at his “Chocolate Factory” mansion and music studio. She stated upon entry, she was told to sign a non-disclosure agreement along with a Kelly affiliate required to understand private information about her family. She noted that they seemed to be requested with a Kelly affiliate if she needed a condom, the Connected Press reports.

“No, I am not for that,” she responded, based on her testimony.

The previous intern was told to wait for a “Ignition” singer alone inside a dark and windowless room. When she attempted to exit the area, she stated she learned that the doorway was locked in the outdoors.

“I was scared,” she testified. “I had been ashamed. I had been embarrassed.”

She stated that they then banged around the door for help and it was later told she needed permission from Kelly to depart or make use of the bathroom.

Jerhonda Pace testified recently that they was 16 years of age when she started going to the “Chocolate Factory.” She alleged that Kelly sexually mistreated her which she used to be in a room engrossed in mirrors around the walls and ceiling for 3 days before she was handed permission to utilize a bathroom. Other women gave similar testimony and noted that they to stick to “Rob’s Rules” in the location which incorporated, among other rules, staying away from eye-to-eye contact with men. Former Kelly worker Anthony Navarro compared the mansion towards the “Twilight Zone” throughout his testimony in August.

The previous radio intern told jurors on Thursday she was kept in the darkened room for 2 days before she was handed almost anything to eat. She testified that whenever finally consuming food and consuming a soda, she immediately given out. The witness stated that just before fainting, she “felt something coming over” her, based on the New You are able to Publish  indicating that they might have been drugged.

She stated she automobile up naked with “wet stuff” between her legs and also to the view of Kelly pulling up his pants. It had been the only real time she saw Kelly, she noted.

 “I know my body system,” she testified. “I had been touched sexually.”

The witness claimed she occured within the room for an additional couple of days before she could leave and fly the place to find Utah. She claims a Kelly affiliate informed her not to talk about the incident as she left she testified that they felt threatened. During a mix-examination, Kelly’s attorney Deveraux Cannick grilled the lady about why she anxiously waited many years to report the incident.

Prosecutors repeat the accuser is among the numerous victims the now 54-year-old has sexually assaulted over decades. They allege he brought a company of managers, bodyguards, along with other employees who employed ladies and women for his twisted sexual desires. 

Kelly has denied all allegations against him and the defense has described the majority of his accusers as groupies who only began accusing him of abuse following a #MeToo movement. However, the star continues to be plagued with accusations about his sexual behavior lengthy before that movement even started. He was charged with child pornography in Chicago in 2002, though he was ultimately found innocent of in 2008. Additionally towards the federal charges, Kelly can also be charged with producing child pornography and destroying evidence inside a separate situation in Illinois.

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