Former Physician Dodges Prison With Plea Deal After Killing His Father, Strangling Girlfriend

An old Florida physician who wiped out his father and strangled their own girlfriend has had a plea deal that can lead to no time in jail. 

Rafael Azulay, 47, pleaded no contest to domestic battery by strangulation and homicide-wrongful death by culpable negligence for that 2018 attacks, the Miami Herald reports. He was sentenced to community control probation for on Thursday, based on the Florida Department of Corrections.

In March of 2018, he was arrested on domestic violence charges for that third time regarding the abuse of his girlfriend. He was billed with legal domestic violence, battery-strangulation and misdemeanor battery. The girlfriend shared photos in the incident, which show intense bruising throughout her neck and face, using the Miami Herald.

“Had I known [he would only get community service], I wouldn’t have testified,” she told the opening on Saturday. 

Previously he’d allegedly threatened to place her inside a “body bag” in an effort to get her not to testify against him regarding prior domestic assault charges, based on the Miami Herald.

The lady told the opening that she’s now “making intends to change my name and leave the condition.”

“I think he’s going to find me, and he’s going to kill me, after which he’s going to kill themself,” she told the Miami Herald.

While on bond for attacking her, Azulay fatally shot his father Asher Azulay in May of 2018. Then he shot themself within the mind and stomach.

Dina Azulay, Rafael’s mother and also the only witness towards the shooting, initially told investigators that her boy had threatened to kill both her and her husband, WFLA reports. Later, she retracted that statement and claimed the shooting was accidental. While Rafael was initially billed with murder for his dad’s dying in addition to aggravated assault for allegedly threatening his mother, the costs were later reduced to wrongful death having a gun.

Rafael’s lawyer Hilliard Moldof told the Miami Herald his client endured a traumatic brain injuries after shooting themself within the mind and it was therefore incompetent to face trial.

“He could comprehend the ramifications of going for a plea, however in an effort he couldn’t,” Moldof stated. “The experts stated he couldn’t testify relevantly or assist an attorney in the defense.”

He claims his client is “not some risk whatsoever.”

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