Former Cop Testifies He Didn’t Do Anything Wrong During Breonna Taylor Raid

Former Louisville detective Brett Hankison testified in the own defense Wednesday about his actions throughout the police raid that left Breonna Taylor dead, saying the gunfire started having a muzzle flash that illuminated a shadowy silhouette, and that he think it is someone firing a computerized rifle at his fellow officials. 

Hankison isn’t on trial for that 26-year-old Black woman’s dying however for firing bullets that entered an adjacent apartment, endangering an expectant neighbor, her youthful child and her boyfriend.

Requested if he did anything wrong throughout the raid, Hankison responded, “absolutely not,” despite the fact that he acknowledged firing in to the window and patio door. For Taylor, he stated, “She didn’t have to die that night.” Breonna Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, then stormed from the courtroom.

Hankison stated that like a police battering ram broke open Taylor’s door, the blast of the gun illuminated the apartment’s hallway and the fellow officer fell wounded within the entrance. He stated he thought the muzzle flash matched what lengthy rifle, but no rifle was based in the apartment.

“The percussion from that muzzle flash I possibly could feel,” Hankison stated, apparently battling to keep his composure because he described Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly going lower from the bullet wound.

Prosecutors cast doubt on whether Hankison often see with the door and why he retreated to fireplace in to the side of Taylor’s apartment. 

Hankison testified earlier within the day he made the decision “to get free from that fatal funnel as rapidly as you possibly can and obtain to some location where I’m able to return models,” so he ran around a large part where he often see more muzzle flashes via a sliding clear glass door along with a bed room window, despite their closed blinds and curtains. 

“I understood Sgt. Mattingly was lower and that i understood these were looking to get to him also it made an appearance in my experience these were being performed with this particular rifle,” Hankison stated. “I thought I possibly could put models using that bed room window and prevent the threat.”

Investigators later determined just one round was fired by Taylor’s boyfriend, who stated he thought an burglar was enter your car. Another 32 bullets fired within the raid originated from police. 

Throughout an hourlong mix-examination, a prosecutor requested Hankison why, if he saw a danger, he didn’t fire as he what food was in Taylor’s door. 

“You understood you’d to reply, however, you didn’t respond,” stated Barbara Maines Whaley, a helper condition attorney general.

“I didn’t respond because i was for the reason that funnel,” Hankison responded.

“Weren’t you concerned should you fired with the sliding door you may hit other officials?” Whaley requested.

“Absolutely not,” Hankison responded.

Have you feel guilty about departing other officials within the fatal funnel?” Whaley requested.

“No,” Hankison responded.

Hankison was certainly one of 3 witnesses known as by his attorney before they finished their situation Wednesday. Closing arguments are scheduled for Thursday.

Hankison stated he fired first in to the patio door, so when he saw ongoing muzzle flashes, he fired in to the bed room window of Taylor’s apartment. He’s billed with three counts of wanton endangerment, a legal that has a sentence of 1 to 5 years.

The prosecution finished presenting its situation on Tuesday with testimony from Chelsey Napper, who known as 911 after Hankison’s gunfire ripped through her apartment, which shared a typical wall with Taylor’s. Hankison is billed with endangering Napper, her 5-year-old boy and her boyfriend, Cody Etherton, while his fellow officials exchanged gunfire with Taylor’s boyfriend throughout the raid nearby. 

Hankison was fired by police for shooting “blindly” throughout the raid on March 13, 2020. He fired 10 shots, none which hit Taylor or her boyfriend, Kenneth Master. No police were billed within the Black woman’s dying.

Master told investigators he had fired just one shot having a hand gun while he thought intruders were enter your car. Walker’s bullet hit Mattingly within the leg, and Mattingly and the other officer, Myles Cosgrove, opened up fire in reaction, killing Taylor. 

Hankison told investigators about two days following the raid he had looked inside Taylor’s apartment once officials broke open the doorway and thought he saw “a estimate a shooting stance” having a lengthy gun or AR-15 rifle. His lawyer stated Hankison then backed away, rounded a large part and fired shots through Taylor’s sliding clear glass door and bed room window to “defend and save the lives of his fellow officials.”

During opening statements, Whaley emphasized to jurors the situation isn’t about the killing of Taylor or police decisions that brought towards the raid. She stated the main focus ought to be on Hankison’s shots and also the near harm they caused.

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