Following A Lady Disappears, Investigators Uncover A Murder Plot With UFOs And Alien Queens

When a united states physician fell deeply in love with a youthful Malaysian lady, she thought all her dreams had become a reality. 

Buddies described 29-year-old Girly Chew like a self-assured and sort lady who found the U . s . States in 1992 looking for a much better existence.

“She loved existence generally,” her friend and coworker Kathy Freeman told “Charmed To Dying,” airing Sundays at 7/6c on Archiweekend. “Girly would be a really small, youthful lady, but she’d a large personality.” 

During a vacation to the North Park Aquarium, she caught the interest of some other tourist named Diazien Hossencofft. Hossencofft described themself like a physician who focused on genetics research. A spark ignited together. Even after Chew came back to Malaysia, Hossencofft ongoing to woo her from the distance. It labored, and when Hossencofft asked Chew to reside with him in Boise State Broncos, she agreed without hesitation.

Chew and Hossencofft grew to become couple making a house on their own in Albuquerque, where Chew required employment like a banker. Years passed, and Chew appeared happy living out her story book. 

But then Hossencofft announced he’d cancer. Witnesses stated he frequently needed to get bloodstream transfusions and it was seen paying bloodstream.

“Some of the things that he was saying didn’t quite accumulate,” stated his neighbor Pedro Tirando Junior., whose father grew to become close buddies with Hossencofft. Tirando grew to become concerned after his father invested his existence savings right into a revolutionary medical project Hossencofft was allegedly focusing on.

“Something about having the ability to alter the structure of people to chemistry, in some way from carbon base with a other type,” stated Tirando. “It was making them an incredible amount of cash.”

More warning flags rose when after 4 years of marriage, Hossencofft introduced an infant boy the place to find Chew. Chew and Hossencofft had attempted for a long time but tend to not get pregnant that belongs to them.

It wasn’t obvious what explanation Hossencofft gave his wife concerning the origins from the infant, but Chew and Hossencofft started to boost the boy his or her own. As time passed, Hossencofft spent much less time with Chew and also the child.

She suspected her husband was as much as something and snooped round his office one evening. She found something shocking: Diazien Hossencofft’s real name was Armando Chavez. Chew also learned that his work journeys were fronts to pay for his extramarital matters along with other women.

Her accusations only increased when she caught him loosening the wheel nuts of her vehicle. When confronting him in the process, Hossencofft physically attacked Chew and clogged her. She could press the garage doors opener and avoid his grips.

“She was afraid on her existence,” Freeman told producers. “That he would kill her.”

By 1998, the abuse escalated. Chew suspected Hossencofft wasn’t a physician whatsoever and packed her items to leave him. She felt she’d no choice but to depart her adopted boy with Hossencofft and alerted her coworkers in the bank concerning the domestic situation.

Even while, Hossencofft browsed dating sites and located a lady named Julie McGuire of Aztec, Boise State Broncos. Soon after Chew left home, Hossencofft and McGuire grew to become romantically involved. Hossencofft also suggested a company chance to Julie.

“He stated, ‘I were built with a serum out that you simply inject it, as well as your skin’s likely to change to the actual way it was whenever you were more youthful,’” McGuire told producers.

Also, he told McGuire he was “many, many, a long time old.” When McGuire requested his exact age, Hossencofft stated he was over a century old. He described it had been while he was part alien.

Worried about her emotional and financial investments, McGuire requested that government bodies perform a criminal record check around the single physician. McGuire discovered Hossencofft was married.

“He explained that the friend of his had many people that will take [Chew] away,” stated McGuire.

With Chew from the home, Hossencofft filed the documents to put their boy for adoption. Then, on Sept. 10, 1999, Chew didn’t appear for work. Coworkers and buddies, conscious of her domestic situation, known as law enforcement.

Upon likely to Chew’s apartment, government bodies immediately grew to become suspicious. They visited visit Hossencofft at his home, where Chew once resided, and located it vacant.

Later that mid-day, a disturbing bit of evidence been revealed.

“A road worker had discovered some bloody products along a highway in Magdalena, Boise State Broncos,” upon the market officer John Walsh told producers.

Products incorporated bloody clothing, a tarp, and duct tape with lengthy strands of dark hair attached. Back at Chew’s apartment, government bodies also discovered a lot of bloodstream, which someone unsuccessfully attempted to wash away with bleach.

Oddly, cat hair seemed to be available at the apartment, though Chew didn’t possess a cat.

Throughout their analysis, government bodies discovered the real origins of the adopted boy.

“Up in Canada, Diazien were built with a lady of Japanese descent he have been getting rapport with,” journalist Joline Gutierrez Krueger told producers. “She delivered this child, and Diazien convinced her to relinquish the kid.”

Police adopted track of the current adoption and located that Hossencofft listed a lady named Linda Henning being an emergency contact. Henning would be a effective businesswoman and designer in the region who Hossencofft met in a UFO conference about six days before Chew went missing.

“All of the sudden, she’s really speaking crazy,” private eye Steven Trusnovec told producers.. “’There is really a cryogenic tube in the finish of my street. You will find markers there for that reptile aliens once they arrive.’ Which Diazien Hossencofft that they met, she thought it was among the smartest people who she’d ever met.”

Within the days that they are together, Hossencofft convinced Henning that they was the selected one that could eliminate the alien queen, Chew. Henning’s appearance and grasp on reality rapidly altered, and she or he isolated herself from anybody who asked her or Hossencofft’s beliefs.

Trusnovec, hired by certainly one of Henning’s concerned buddies, learned that Hossencofft would be a complete fraud. He wasn’t a physician whatsoever.

When police asked Henning about Chew’s disappearance, she claimed Hossencofft had cancer which she was simply his caretaker. Investigators started to question whether Henning was an accomplice. Hossencofft, however, was still being around the loose.

Finally, two days after Chew’s disappearance, police swept up to Hossencofft and arrested him in Sc. Government bodies introduced him to Boise State Broncos, where he went before a great jury hearing. Henning then accepted that they are romantically involved and together around the nights Chew’s disappearance.

Investigators performed searching warrant for Henning’s home and vehicle.

“We could choose a ninja sword in the spare room of Linda Henning,” Walsh told producers.

Receipts revealed Hossencofft purchased the sword at the time Chew disappeared. Additionally they discovered that Linda Henning owned many cats.

Lab is a result of the bloody products found along the side of the highway returned: the bloodstream belonged to munch.

The outcomes from the bloodstream present in Chew’s apartment also returned.

“Not only was Girly Chew Hossencofft’s bloodstream going to attend her residence, but additionally Linda Henning’s DNA from her bloodstream,” Walsh described.

A great jury indicted Diazien Hossencofft and Linda Henning for murder.

To prevent a extended trial and possible dying sentence, Hossencofft pleaded guilty to murder. He was sentenced to existence plus 61 years imprisonment. Included in the deal, he decided to take government bodies to Chew’s body.

Linda Henning, however, declined to create a deal and was adamant that they would be a victim i did so Hossencofft’s evil putting in a bid.

Henning’s trial started in September of 2002. During witness testimony proclaiming that Henning believed she’d to vanquish alien queens, she sketched bizarre sketches of extraterrestrial beings and appeared relatively unbothered through the trial happening round her.

Then, to everyone’s shock, the defense known as in Diazien Hossencofft like a witness.

Inside a chilling recorded testimony, Hossencofft described the murder.

“[Chew] understood she would be hunted such as the dog she was,” Hossencofft testified. “And yes, she was just like a scared rabbit within an open field. She understood.”

Hossencofft also testified that he’d grown Linda Henning’s bloodstream in Chew’s apartment to mess up investigators. But jurors didn’t find him to become a credible witness. They found Linda Henning responsible for murder.

“I don’t think Linda Henning was a harmless party within this whatsoever since i think she participated,” stated Chew’s friend, Kathy Freeman. “But I believe Diazien, he did something. I do not determine if you refer to it as brainwashed. That’s the only method I’m able to explain it.”

Linda Henning was sentenced to existence imprisonment.

Hossencofft reneged on his plea deal rather than disclosed the position of the body to government bodies. Girly Chew Hossencofft remains missing even today.

For additional about this situation yet others enjoy it, stream instances of “Charmed To Dying” here.

Written by Stephanie Green

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