Florida Pair Charged With Abducting Man And Putting Him Through Three Brutal Times Of Torture

A couple in Florida are charged with abducting a guy and submitting him to 3 times of torture, everybody.

Occius Dorsainvil, 56, and Marie Dorsainvil, 51, were arrested on Friday after Miami Everybody they forced their victim right into a confession of infidelity, based on NBC Miami. The happy couple is charged with torturing a mans victim more than a three-day span last December, where they allegedly chained him up and compelled him to consume bleach.

The suspects were billed with several crimes, including attempted murder, kidnapping, and extortion, based on arrest records.

It’s not obvious the way the two suspects are associated.

The violent ordeal started when Marie allegedly requested the victim for any ride to her florida residence, based on NBC Miami, citing police. Marie asked the victim as much as her apartment, but he declined, referencing his marriage to a different lady. Marie told the person that they, too, was married however that her husband was away in Haiti.

The victim gave in and recognized Marie’s invitation into her home.

The victim sitting around the couch when Occius Dorsainvil made an appearance having a gun, based on authorites. Occius allegedly tied the victim track of an electric cord and instructed him to crawl on his stomach towards the bathroom.

Occius allegedly forced the victim to train and record an announcement, forcing the victim to assert he’d cheating with Occius’s wife, though it wasn’t obvious if he was talking about Marie. The happy couple also allegedly threatened when the victim visited the restroom, they’d lead him to eat their own waste or risk being shot.

Even though the suspects offered the prisoner food, the victim declined to consume, fearing the repercussions of visiting the bathroom.

Around the second day, the happy couple strengthened the victim’s restraints with chains and required he outlay cash $50,000 and also the title to his vehicle, government bodies stated, based on NBC.

Around the third and final day in captivity, the victim was made to shower at gunpoint prior to the three of these drove off within the victim’s vehicle, using the suspects claiming they’d set him free. Before releasing the person, the suspects allegedly made him drink a concoction of bleach and Haitian rum, inducing the victim fainting.

Once the victim found, about half an hour later, he ran for help and notified government bodies. It wasn’t obvious in which the victim was as he woke up.

Detectives could find the suspects and put them under arrest. The happy couple allegedly accepted towards the crimes, based on an arrest report reported by Miami’s Local 10 News.

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