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Florida Man’s Arrest Among Alleged Make An Effort To Kill Girlfriend Caught On Police Body Camera

The capture of the Florida man who had been allegedly chasing lower his girlfriend and trying to kill her over the past weekend was caught on dramatic body camera footage released by police now. 

The footage captures Aaron Thayer, 39, soon after he allegedly pointed a loaded gun at his girlfriend while chasing her on Saturday at her home in Flagler County, just north of Daytona Beach. Flagler County police officials, who was simply conscious of Thayer’s alleged threats from the lady, are noticed within the video rapidly springing into action, confronting after which Tazing the person after yelling at him to obtain on the floor.

“The Easter time Bunny came early for that victim,” Sheriff Ron Staley stated within the pr release, talking about the help of his deputies.

“This guy told the victim he would kill her and under 24-hrs later he’d driven through the night and it was at her door to kill her,” he added. “I am so grateful that my deputies could intercept this person and used their training, tactics and de-escalation techniques before he could hurt anybody.”

The alleged victim, who is not openly named, notified police that they believed Thayer was on his long ago to Florida from Connecticut to “make good on his threats to finish her existence,” the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office stated in a statement around the incident. She’d told government bodies that Thayer had installed video security cameras round the property to be able to watch her. Sheriff’s deputies stated she’d requested to speak with them within the cameras’ blind spots so Thayer wouldn’t see. 

As his threatening texts and calls allegedly ongoing, deputies stated they’d the victim answer to assist them to determine Thayer’s location. On a single call, Thayer requested his estranged girlfriend who had been in the home together with her and stated he was on his way there to kill her. 

Around 3 p.m on Saturday, the victim known as 911 to report Thayer what food was in the home, equipped with a tire iron, and trying to burglary. 

“Thayer made forced entry with the mystery from the occupied residence, threatening to get rid of the victim. Then he joined her bed room and required 400.00 dollars from inside the residence and grabbed a gun which was around the victim’s nightstand, cocked it, and started running after the victim threatening to kill her,” the statement reads.

The lady fled her home so when deputies showed up she had been chased by Thayer. Their tries to apprehend Thayer and take him into child custody are noticed within the footage. A loaded hand gun was based in the waistband of his jeans, as would be a knife.

“Unbelievable!” Thayer is heard yelling because he is cuffed and being looked through the officials. “Unreal, dude. Used to do only get home. Exactly what the f–k. This isn’t f–king right. I really like you! I came for you!” 

Thayer was arrested and transported towards the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility. He’s been billed with Written Threats to Kill, Attempted Premeditated Murder having a Gun, Having a Gun/Ammunition with a Charged Felon, Petit Thievery and Fighting off Arrest without Violence.  

Thayer has been held on no bond. It’s unclear if he’s retained a lawyer to talk on his account. Calls placed by towards the Flagler County Sheriff’s office weren’t immediately came back on Wednesday.

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Written by Stephanie Green

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