Florida Man Strangled Wife, Then Put Her On Train Tracks To Hide His Crime

Sheri Morrow, an enjoyable-loving and outgoing Army veteran, found Crestview, Florida with intends to develop a existence together with her husband, John, as well as their youthful daughter. 

But early in the day hrs of December 5, 1993, her plans found a tragic finish.

Around 4 a.m. police taken care of immediately calls that the freight train had struck a lady who was simply laying around the tracks. The victim was eventually recognized as 24-year-old Sheri Morrow.

Officials didn’t immediately determine if she’d positioned herself on the website or maybe foul play have been involved, they told “Accident, Suicide or Murder,” airing Saturdays at 7/6c on Archiweekend.

The medical examiner’s autopsy discovered that Sheri had skull and rib fractures. The M.E. sent bloodstream samples towards the lab for any toxicology report. 

Detectives interviewed Sheri’s husband to discover what went down before her unusual dying. Officials found that the pair located a celebration in their home that went late in to the night. 

John told detectives he and the wife were dealing with a rocky patch within their marriage which they’d taken a stroll throughout the evening to go over it. After their talk, he went home and she or he went to stick with a buddy, John told government bodies. 

By all accounts, Sheri didn’t consume alcohol. But 2 days after her dying, the toxicology report demonstrated her bloodstream-alcohol level was three occasions the legal limit. The report brought officials to think about that Sheri’s dying was an alcohol-fueled accident — or perhaps a suicide. 

Police dug much deeper in to the couple’s relationship and found that John “had a minimum of two female friends,” investigators told producers. Certainly one of individuals women what food was in the party the night time Sheri died. At that time, government bodies discovered, Sheri had already began divorce process.

The image that emerged of John Moore was what “young, irresponsible father who essentially desired to live his existence the way in which he desired to live it,” stated investigators.

Then, on December 10, investigators found that the medical examiner had made a mistake. Sheri’s bloodstream-alcohol level was really .00. Investigators wondered if other mistakes might have been made. 

The idea that Sheri passed away by suicide through the locomotive didn’t quite accumulate for detectives. However with no new results in follow, they closed the situation also it was ruled a suicide.

However, Lt. Wayne Grandstaff Sr., former patrol supervisor for that Crestview Police Department, believed it had been too early to discard evidence.

“The evidence custodian introduced me back evidence bag I’d switched in,” he stated, adding it contained clothing. “I stuck it within the trunk of my patrol vehicle.” 

In 1995, an unexpected witness came forward with new information, based on “Accident, Suicide or Murder.” The witness, who had been in the Morrow house party, told government bodies he spoken with John after he’d return from walking with Sheri. 

The witness mentioned that John’s hands was hurt and the knuckles were very red so when he requested uncle about this, he stated: “‘Well, whenever we were quarrelling I acquired mad striking an end sign,’” Bobby Elmore, Condition Attorney Okaloosa County, told producers.

Considering the brand new statement, the situation was reopened. Officials requested the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Crime Lab in Pensacola to have a look in the first medical examiner’s report.

According to bloodstream evidence and the existence of rigor mortis proven within the paramedic report, Jan Manley, upon the market Florida Police Force Crime Lab Analyst, figured that Sheri “was already dead” once the train struck.

Forensic findings and bloodstream stain patterns from clothing evidence preserved within the trunk of Grandstaff’s vehicle, together with new witness statements, demonstrated type in the restored analysis. 

The engineer and conductor of some other train passing through Crestview around night time on December 5, 1993 saw a couple, a tall man inside a dark duster coat along with a lady, walking across the tracks at night time the night time Sheri died, officials learned. When she was discovered John’s duster coat covered Sheri’s body.

A couple of several weeks after reopening the situation, a guy who attended the party, Steven Meek, told police that John told him he planned to consider her towards the railroad tracks and kill her, investigators told producers.

In April 1997, Sherie’s body was exhumed to ensure that another autopsy might be done. It says Sheri’s hyoid bone have been fractured, indicating that she’d been strangled. 

An injuries to the rear of her mind that was not documented within the original report seemed to be found. “I believe the injuries to the rear of the scalp permitted her to visit lower although not die, which in turn needed the strangulation,” stated Dr. Michael Berkland, Okaloosa County Medical Examiner.

Inside a follow-up police interview Meek stated that John confided to him that he’d punched his wife, beat her mind from the train tracks, and strangled her before covering her together with his duster coat. 

Hoping recording a confession from John, Meek decided to put on a wire and record a discussion together with his friend over lunch. But Meek immediately told John it had become a trap. 

Investigators raced to create John set for questioning. He denied murdering his wife and stated he discovered her dying from police force. Despite his repeated denials, John was billed with Sheri’s murder 4 years after her dying. 

As prosecutors ready to present the situation to some grand jury, Meek once more flipped the script in it. He claimed that what he’d told officials earlier about John confiding in him about killing his wife would be a lie. 

At this time, police made the decision to arrest Meek being an accessory to murder afterwards, stated Elmore. Ultimately, inside a grand jury proceeding, Meek mentioned that John confessed that he’d wiped out his wife.

At trial, defense attorneys’ primary argument was that Meek, the best witness, would be a known liar. Which was a hurdle for prosecutors who also needed to address errors within the first autopsy.

During deliberation, the jury couldn’t arrived at a unanimous verdict for first-degree murder. The panel came back having a verdict of second-degree murder. 

In September 1999, the judge used his discretion, in line with the conditions of the situation, to sentence outdoors the rules of seven to 22 years. John Morrow was sentenced to existence imprisonment.

To understand more about the situation, watch  “Accident, Suicide or Murder,” airing Saturdays at 7/6c on Archiweekend,  or stream episodes here.

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