Florida Man Obsessive About Serial Killers, Who Slit The Throat Of Classmate In Junior High School Bathroom At 14, Dies Imprisonment

A Florida man obsessive about serial killers and who slit the throat of the classmate inside a junior high school bathroom has died imprisonment.

The Florida Department of Corrections confirmed to that Michael Hernandez died Thursday in the Columbia Correctional Institution.

The Florida Department of Police Force continues to be given the job of investigating the 31-year-old’s dying.

Officials declined to supply additional details citing the “open and active analysis,” however, a resource told local station WFOR-TV he collapsed down with what might have been a potential drug overdose. There have been no apparent indications of foul play.

Information on Hernandez’s terrible crime sent shockwaves with the country in 2004. Authorities stated he lured another classmate, 14-year-old Jaime Gough, right into a bathroom stall at Southwood Junior High School in Palmetto Bay and viciously stabbed him greater than 40 occasions, based on The Miami Herald. Hernandez—who seemed to be 14 during the time of the slaying—then slit the teen’s throat before hiding the bloody knife in the backpack on and on to class.

Prosecutors contended in the court that Hernandez had wanted to become murderer coupled with written a success list of subscribers he desired to kill. Before slaughtering Gough within the bathroom, he’d unsuccessfully attempted to lure another teen in to the bathroom he seemed to be charged from the attempted murder of Andre Martin.

Martin, who later grew to become a Miami-Dade police detective, told the newspaper he heard Hernandez passed away Saturday after you have an automatic message in the prison informing him the inmate’s “custody status” had altered.

The dying introduced him mixed feelings, he stated.

“My ongoing condolences for Jaime Gough’s parents, and also the entire Gough family,” he stated. “And the Hernandez family—they weren’t those who committed a criminal offense plus they did lose a relative.”

Gough’s parents, Jorge and Maria Gough, stated their ideas were also using the Hernandez family, based on WSVN.

“To the household, I’m very sorry it has became of your boy,” Jorge stated. “Mrs. and Mr. Hernandez, we’re not pleased to hear that the boy passed, in spite of all what we’ve been through. We as a parent understand how it feels.”

Jorge stated this news from the dying have been “very shocking” and unpredicted.

“I began crying, crying, crying. I couldn’t stop crying,” Maria added. “It was very sad.”

Jorge stated he still imagines the person his boy might have been.

“I envisioned him, like, professional, most likely having a family already, a lot of things,” he told this news outlet. “And so, whenever we got this news yesterday, everything returned.”

Hernandez, who’d unsuccessfully attempted to reason that he was insane during the time of the killing, was sentenced to existence imprisonment without the potential of parole in 2008.

He got such a sentencing hearing in 2015 following the U.S. Top Court banned automatic existence sentences without the potential of parole for juvenile offenders however a judge once again handed lower a existence sentence after disturbing jail house telephone calls taken Hernandez speaking about serial killers and mocking his lack of ability to weep.

After his dying a week ago, Condition Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle stated her ideas continued to be with families.

“Jaime Gough’s brutal murder ended an encouraging youthful existence and forever damaged his family. On their behalf, what is the news must still tear in their hearts,” she stated in an announcement. “I usually have felt that Michael Hernandez’ family were also Michael’s victims. Upon his conviction, Michael Hernandez’ family seemed to be damaged by Michael’s actions.”

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