Florida Man Charged For Kidnapping, Torturing Cosmetic Surgeon In Robbery Attempt

A federal jury in Miami came back a guilty verdict from the alleged ringleader inside a plot to take advantage of a doctors’s home by kidnapping and torturing him.

Serge Nkorina, 56, was charged of conspiring to commit kidnapping and kidnapping on 12 ,. 7. He faces a sentence as high as existence imprisonment at his hearing on February. 15.

Charging documents within the situation allege that Nkorina and the affiliate, Justin Boccio, 35 — who pled guilty to conspiracy to commit kidnapping and kidnapping in 2019 and received an 11-year sentence — hatched a plot to kidnap local plastic surgeon Nader Haroun Shehata in to take advantage of him.

Nkorina’s wife, that he was estranged, was really a patient from the then-61 year-old Shehata.

The 2 men purchased supplies in your own home Depot and rented a storage space at CubeSmart in Margate, Florida — about 40 miles north of Miami — before they started to surveil Shehata at his Hallandale Beach practice and the Miami-Dade County home. On Jan. 14, 2019, they adopted him to some local Walmart and, as he emerged from shopping, they forced him to their rental van at gunpoint, blindfolded him, bound his hands and ft and frequently Tased him. (Police were later in a position to view video of Shehata’s abduction on Walmart’s video security cameras, although it went undetected at that time.)

They drove for around an hour, the victim told police, before you take him from the van and placing him in a tiny room — later determined is the rented storage space. There, they placed him inside a moving chair, tied his hands towards the armrest, and removed his blindfold. 

Putting on headlamps and baseball hats to avoid his identification, the 2 men bean to conquer Shehata and burned the top of the his hands having a blowtorch as and the other hot metal object while demanding money and also the access code towards the gate and door of his home. Shehata gave them the data, together with how you can access $50,000 in cash in the home, though they apparently ongoing to torture him.

Then they forced Shehata to consume alcohol against his will, blindfolded him again, and set him during the van where he given out.

The 2 men then drove the van to Shehata’s house where, around 2:00 a.m. on Jan. 15, the doorbell home security camera demonstrated a guy, later recognized as Nkorina, approaching the doorway putting on a baseball cap along with a headlamp round his neck. He used his mobile phone flash light to light up the keypad around the door — however when a relative of Shehata’s heard a noise outdoors, they switched around the lights and Nkorina fled.

(Boccio later told investigators they came back towards the house “on several occasions” after Jan. 15 but never tried to gain entry because of the existence of police force or Shehata’s family.)

Around 3:45 a.m. on Jan. 15, police were known as to the  Cheetah Gentleman’s Club for any “continuously honking vehicle horn.” They found the bound Shehata — with burns on his hands and cuts on his face — right in front seat, honking the horn. He told police that he’d woken up, bound within the backseat of his vehicle just a short while before.

Surveillance footage from Shehata’s office demonstrated the van Boccio and Nkorina had accustomed to monitor the physician dads and moms prior to the kidnapping and revealed the van’s license plate, that was accustomed to find Boccio. They used that information to acquire Boccio’s mobile phone records, which demonstrated him calling Nkorina on Jan. 15. Investigators then compared the footage from Shehata’s doorbell camera to Nkorina’s motorists license and determined it had been a match.

On April 1, 2019, officials received a warrant to look Boccio’s house. Additionally they interviewed Boccio, who confessed and implicated Nkorina.

A warrant for Nkorina’s arrest was issued on April 4, 2019 — but Nkorina had fled to Tenerife, in Spain’s Canary Islands, based on the Connected Press. He was eventually extradited towards the U . s . States in The month of january 2021, based on the Miami Herald.

In March 2021, Shehata sued CubeSmart and Walmart, based on Courthouse News, claiming that CubeSmart must have had systems in position to help keep renters from being able to access units after hrs and Walmart, given the level of crime the shop sees, must have had more security.

Shehata apparently died in April 2021, the Miami Herald reported.

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