Florida Man Allegedly Wiped out Seniors Lady In Her Own Bed For Giving Him ‘Mean Look’

A Florida man is charged with entering an seniors woman’s home after which strangling her to dying after he gave her a “mean look.”

Patrol officials were dispatched to some home in Jacksonville on Friday after a person claimed “he had wiped out someone,” based on a pr release in the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

“Upon arrival, officials located an unresponsive adult female,” the pr release states. “The victim was pronounced deceased by people from the Jacksonville Fire and Save Department.”

The victim hasn’t yet been openly identified. She demonstrated “indications of strangulation” and she or he were built with a “laceration” on her behalf mind, based on the arrest report acquired by

Steven Allen McInnis, 62, of Atlantic Beach has been billed with second-degree murder having a depraved mind, based on the arrest report.

That can be a arrest report was highly redacted, a duplicate acquired by local outlet News4JAX revealed a few of the alleged nasty details

“He showed up at her house, and let themself in,” the report mentioned. “He mentioned he usually knocks around the door however this time he didn’t after which he found the victim on her behalf bed in her own bed room. He mentioned that they gave him a ‘mean’ look, which sent him within the edge.”

Your body from the lady was discovered in the deep freezer within the home’s garage, the report states. Investigators also noted what made an appearance to become fresh bloodstream on the bed, a nightstand and also the floor from the master bed room and also on your kitchen floor, the report acquired by states.

McInnis’ vehicle is at the front yard of the house when investigators showed up. He allegedly known as his wife after calling 911 the connection between him and also the victim is unknown. Kenneth Fishman, a neighbor from the victim, told News4JAX the lady is at her eighties.

“She would be a very private person,” he stated. “We’d see her periodically. She’d emerge in her own master. She’d focus on the yard a bit.”

McInnis has been held without bond, and the next court date is scheduled for Jan 31. It isn’t obvious if he’s an attorney.

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