Florida Lady Allegedly Smiled As She Put Ex’s Dog Off seventh-Floor Balcony

A 46-year-old lady in Clearwater, Florida was billed with animal cruelty after allegedly tossing her ex-boyfriend’s dog to the dying off a balcony on Sunday morning. 

The suspect, Shelley Vaughn, experienced a disagreement together with her ex-boyfriend, Eric Adeson, of seven several weeks over her alcohol consumption inside his condo, based on court papers Adeson stated the 2 had damaged in Feb. 

Vaughn first put her Adeson’s keys and mobile phone within the balcony. She then grabbed his 3-year-old puggle, Bucky, and intentionally put him from the seventh floor. 

Your dog was deceased as he was based in the street near the building’s primary entrance. 

Court papers reveal that Vaughn also faces electric power charge of criminal mischief and something count of domestic battery after scratching and trying to strike her boyfriend.

Clearwater Police were not able to discover the Vaughn, who resides in exactly the same complex, on Sunday but she was arrested and booked into Pinellas City Jail on Monday mid-day based on jail records. Vaughn’s bond was set at $21,000 on Tuesday, and she or he was launched on Wednesday mid-day around the condition that they don’t have any connection with Adeson, not go into the seventh floor of the building, forfeit her weapon and put on an ankle monitor, based on court public records reviewed by

In Florida, intentional dying or infliction of injury for an animal is really a third-degree legal that may be punishable for approximately 5 years. 

Adeson has additionally filed a civil suit within the incident against Vaughn seeking $100,000 in damages, based on Law &amp Crime. The suit alleges that Vaughn visited Adeson’s on Sunday morning smelling of alcohol and made an appearance to become drunk. When she declined to depart his apartment at his request, she started to argue with him and throw his personal possessions. 

Based on the civil suit, “Upon Plaintiff’s final request to depart his home, [Vaughn], stopped, smiled at Complaintant, selected up his small puggle dog ‘Bucky,’ and put him within the exterior balcony railing towards the concrete parking area below, inducing the dying of Plaintiff’s dog and companion,” the suit states. 

Adeson cites intentional infliction of emotional distress within the suit, meaning he will need to prove that Vaughn’s actions were intentional and caused him extreme emotional distress to ensure that him to get damages. 

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