Florida Deputies With Newborn Dead By Suicide Within Times Of Each Other

A youthful Florida couple who both offered as county sheriff’s deputies put together dead within times of each other of suspected suicides, based on reports.

St. Lucie County Sheriff’s deputy Clayton Osteen, 24, died by suicide on Jan. 2, police stated on Tuesday. Deputy Victoria Pacheco, 23, that Osteen shared single-month-old boy, later required her very own existence “in the wake of Deputy Osteen’s dying.” 

“While it’s impossible for all of us to completely know the private conditions prior to this devastating loss, we pray this tragedy turns into a catalyst for change, a catalyst to help relieve the stigma surrounding well-being and normalize the conversation concerning the challenges a lot of us face regularly,” Sheriff Ken Mascara stated inside a statement .

County investigators taken care of immediately an unspecified address shortly before night time on New Year’s Eve after reports the Florida deputy, who had been off duty at that time, had tried to kill themself. His family requested doctors remove him from existence support on Jan. 2. Officials didn’t specify additional details regarding Pacheco’s suspected suicide.

“Law enforcement cope with not just your day-to-day stress all of us face but the stress of individuals whom they serve within our community, which can often be very challenging,” Mascara also stated.

Government bodies, who confirmed their boy is protected and presently with family, haven’t formally released the child’s name.

A GoFundMe, that was was setup for that child by buddies from the family, mentioned the youthful boy’s name is Jayce.

“Clayton and Victoria were pleasure-filled, first-time parents looking forward to their growing family, enamored using their baby Jayce, and thus deeply in love with one another,” the page mentioned. “Tragically, for reasons completely unknown and totally from character, Clayton required their own existence December 31st, 2021. Reeling in the shock of loss, Victoria required her very own existence 2 days later.”

The verified fundraising event mentioned a detailed relative planned to consider the newborn. The pair “selflessly served” the citizens of St. Lucie County, the page added.

“Baby Jayce now needs the support of [the] community and country to assist offer him moving forward,” the GoFundMe page stated.

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office can also be collecting donations online for that couple’s families, officials stated.

Osteen was hired through the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office in 2019, based on his personnel file. Pacheco became a member of the department annually later, additional records show.

“As sheriff, I saw both of these deputies as youthful, ambitious along with a great compliment to my already amazing number of professionals,” Mascara stated. “To everyone, or even myself, it’s very easy to see police force as superhuman. But don’t forget forget that they’re human much like us.”

Osteen offered within the U . s . States Marine Corps and was really a SWAT team member. He was awarded Deputy of the season in 2020. He’d have switched 25 on Jan. 14.

Individuals who understood Osteen described the Florida deputy as “super funny,” “driven” as well as an “upstanding youthful man.”

Pacheco, who finished South Fork Senior High School in 2016, formerly attended Indian River Condition College. She was referred to as an “energetic,” “genuine,” “honest” along with a “kick ass person” who’d a love for serving in police force. 

Tries to contact the deputies’ families were unsuccessful on Thursday. The St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office also declined to comment further around the matter when contacted by now.

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