Florida Criminal Arrest Suspect In Cold Situation Dying of 15-Year-Old Farrah Carter

Mother and father made an arrest within the brutal murder of Farrah Carter nearly 20  years after her mother discovered her body within their home in Miramar, Florida.      

Inside a press conference on Tuesday, Miramar police announced that Frederick L. Pollard have been indicted for first-degree murder for Carter’s dying. Pollard, 56, has already been serving a existence sentence for kidnapping, robbery and assault in the Taylor Correctional Institution. He’s been incarcerated since This summer of 2002, based on the Florida Department of Corrections. Carter was wiped out on May 22 of this same year.  

Police stated they could tie Pollard to Carter’s dying with DNA evidence, that they initially collected in the crime scene in 2002.   Detectives were not able to create a match in those days, however with the growth of DNA technology, these were finally capable of getting a match to Pollard.

“The situation might have gone cold, however it never was forgotten,” Tania Rues, public information officer for that Miramar Police Department told

Police found indications of challenging in Carter’s family room: a seat was knocked over and damaged glass was located on the floor, based on the arrest affidavit. Bloodstream seemed to be located on the walls as well as on the bedspread in her own mother’s bed room in addition to her very own, that is where her body is discovered.

There have been no indications of forced entry in to the home. 

“We’re grateful that people received an indictment for first-degree murder last Thursday, Miramar Police Detective Joe Tomlin, told WPLG. “We interviewed Frederick Pollard. He denies participation.”

Rues stated that Pollard’s DNA was discovered in three locations of Carter’s home.

Carter’s mother, Kim Fight, told WTVG the arrest doesn’t always bring closure.

“For the detectives in the future forward with this particular information, it’s very pleasing in this way but it’s still heartbreaking without her being here to determine what her existence could have been like, to determine the kids maybe she’d have experienced,” Fight told the station.

Farrah would be a student at Hallandale Adult Community Center, who imagined of attending beauty school or opening a cafe or restaurant, People Magazine reported.

Farrah’s father broke lower throughout the news conference, WPLG reported.

“She would be a daddy’s girl and that i would be a daddy’s girl growing,” Farrah’s sister, Jasmine Carter, told the station. “We had that bond, that connection.”

Information asking anybody you never know Pollard, and it has information, to impress come forward.


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