FBI States QAnon Surfer Father Believed He Is At ‘The Matrix’ Before Killing Children

A California father accused within the murders of his 2-year-old boy and 10-month-old daughter believed he was Neo from “The Matrix,” based on recently filed court public records.

Matthew Coleman, 40, a QAnon supporter and fringe conspiracy theorist, become dangerously obsessive about the sci-fi tetralogy before allegedly killing his two children in Mexico this past year, federal agents stated in the court filings acquired by

Coleman, who allegedly kidnapped his two children in August 2021, drove on them the border and fatally shot all of them with a spear gun, grew to become convinced he was Neo, the film’s protagonist, who’s portrayed by actor Keanu Reeves.

While lounging during sex in Mexico, shortly prior to the killings, the California surf father stated he saw “all the pieces being decoded such as the Matrix, and the man was Neo.” 

“He stated visions and signs says his wife, A.C. [Abby Coleman], possessed serpent DNA (M. COLEMAN pointed out he wasn’t confident that his wife would be a shapeshifter) coupled with passed it onto his children which everything were pointing to the concept that his children have corrupted DNA which will spread if something isn’t done about this,” the government affidavit mentioned.

The recently released court papers were filed recently meant for a federal search warrant.

Coleman, a QAnon convert, had apparently arrived at believe a conspiracy that his spouse possessed “serpent DNA” coupled with passed it onto their kids, and that lots of their buddies and acquaintances were compromised.

“[He] saw the large picture he needed to kill his children to avoid them from just as one alien species that will release carnage within the Earth,” the FBI affidavit mentioned.

The recently filed court papers — that also revealed Coleman’s passion for teleportation and time travel — incorporated texts Coleman sent his wife shortly before his children were murdered.

“Hi babe, miss you also,” Coleman allegedly authored Abby Coleman on 3:00 a.m. August. 9, 2021, just hrs prior to the double murder. “Things happen to be rough but beginning to obtain some clearness too. Still confused on several things though and processing through them. A lot of crazy ideas dealing with my mind at this time, difficult to explain,” he authored. 

He added he was thinking about burning his grandmother’s Bibles “in situation theres [sic] a nick inside them or something like that.”

She responded asking if their kids were OK, and added at 9:24 a.m.: “Everything you’ve believed and considered to be true is going on at this time. I’m partnering along with you from Senate bill. Let’s get back our city. The gateway of revival for that condition of California and also the nation and also the world. You had been produced to alter the path of world history. Take proper care of my little giant slayer and my the voice of heaven’s dove. They sure are special.”

It had been later learned that the physiques of her children have been present in a ditch at 8:00 a.m. Matthew Coleman was taken into child custody in the San Ysidro border crossing around 1:00 p.m.

Matthew Coleman allegedly confessed to murdering his children around 5:00 a.m., saying it had been the only method to save the planet, based on the court papers.

Coleman was indicted in September 2021 with a federal grand jury on two county of foreign first-degree murder of U.S. nationals, based on court papers acquired by

Within the days and several weeks prior to his children’s killings, Coleman became more and more attracted to a number of online conspiracies, based on numerous people who understood him.

“It was apparent he was spending lots of brainpower onto it,” a childhood friend told “He was constantly checking individuals sites on his phone. He spent hrs every day just glued to his phone searching at this stuff.”

Coleman faces the dying penalty or existence imprisonment if charged in the boy and daughter’s murder. 

Coleman’s legal team, federal public defenders, Elena Sadowsky, Christy O’Connor and Cuauhtemoc Ortega, didn’t immediately react to’s request discuss Wednesday.

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