FBI Reveals Swiss Bodybuilder Provided To Kill Kobe Bryant’s Rape Accuser For $3 Million

After late National basketball association superstar Kobe Bryant was charged with raping expensive hotels worker in Colorado, a Swiss bodybuilder offered inside a letter to get rid of the lady for him for $3 million, the FBI has revealed.

Lately unsealed FBI documents, that have been heavily redacted, reveal the violence and potential murder plot recommended by Patrick Graber, a bodybuilder who resided in La and labored in the same gym where Bryant sometimes worked out.

Graber, then 31, mailed Bryant the sale using a FedEx letter in 2003 claiming he might make his “problem with regards to the sexual assault situation disappear.”

Earlier that year, a 19-year-old lady claimed the star basketball player raped her in the Edwards, Colorado hotel where she labored. Bryant maintained the sex was consensual. The highly publicized situation was later dropped following the lady declined to testify. She filed a civil suit in 2004 that was settled from court the year after. While Bryant openly apologized towards the lady for that incident, he never accepted he was responsible for rape. 

After Bryant received Graber’s offer, his team handed the letter to investigators. They consequently generate a controlled ending up in Graber, in which the bodybuilder then provided to influence Bryant’s accuser and vowed to visit “all the way” to eradicating her if she would not be swayed from going after the situation.

“The plan for the following 180 days features a rapid make an effort to conduct another talk with [redacted] after which generate a money drop for that intended murder or violence from the witness,” the document states. “[Redacted] is requesting $3 million and it is expecting the offer to become [redacted].”

Graber was billed soon after that ending up in one count of solicitation to commit murder and something count of solicitation to dissuade a witness, the la Occasions reported in 2003. He was arrested by the la Sheriff’s Deputies and FBI in a supermarket where he thought he was through an advance payment of $a million.

Graber was sentenced to 3 years in jail in 2004 after going for a deal and pleading no contest to grand thievery prosecutors dropped several charges in return for the plea, the Connected Press reported in 2004. He was deported to Europe following his time offered. Inside a 2007 self-printed book, “Dead Women Tell No Tales: Who Planned the Murder from the Witness within the Kobe Bryant Rape Situation?” Graber claimed he was setup and the man used to be utilized by Bryant this claim has not been verified.

Bryant died at age 41 together with his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, inside a The month of january 2020 helicopter crash. Seven others were also wiped out within the crash.

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