Father Turns Video Of Daughter’s Televised Killing Into NFT To Pressure Its Removal On Social Networking

The household of the Virginia reporter who had been fatally shot on live television in 2015 has switched the among the viral, frequently-pirated clip of her dying right into a NFT, or non-fungible token, inside a “long shot” bid to wipe it on the internet.

For pretty much seven years, Andy Parker, the daddy of slain journalist Alison Parker, has fought against without full success to totally expunge the videos depicting his daughter’s dying from social networking. 

In December, Parker produced an NFT from the clip that initially aired on live television on Rarible — an electronic cryptocurrency marketplace — so that they can claim copyright possession within the recording, that they hopes will give him the opportunity to sue social networking the likes of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube as he finds pirated versions.

An NFT is really a non-exchangeable asset — a designation relevant to both virtual and physical goods varying from social networking content, online music and art — that are logged on the public block chain. The procedure, which has similarities anyway to how cryptocurrency transactions work, dictates all possible sales and then any buying and selling of these assets.

“We’re in uncharted territory,” Parker told “We have no idea if it is likely to work or otherwise.”

Parker described his bid like a “long shot,” “Hail Mary” make an effort to pressure the social networking companies to become more positive in removing copies from the clip.

“These platforms make money from Alison’s murder,” he was adamant.

“It’s tossing spaghetti around the walls to determine what sticks,” Parker stated. “And hopefully this can stick. However if you simply don’t try — should you not a minimum of result in the attempt — you’ll don’t know and thus that is why we’re doing what we’re doing.”

Parker and the legal team are wishing that the development of the NFT might set a brand new precedent and supply a brand new avenue for everyday users to enforce copyright infringements against content disseminated on social networking platforms. 

“Regardless whether it works, we produced something completely new: Not only the NFT, but a way to fight Google and Facebook,” he described. “And whether it doesn’t, a minimum of it brings focus on what’s happening here.” 

Carrie Goldberg, a Brooklyn-based lawyer which specializes in online abuse cases and consulted Parker, echoed her client’s claims he includes a shot at claiming copyright through the NFT.

“The problem requires a serious and inventive approach,” Goldberg told “This girl’s murder image is totally unmanageable from the family.” 

“I believe Andy needs to be as experimental as you possibly can,” Goldberg added. “Andy has been a pacesetter here so let’s find out if the NFT does enable him to consider back charge of Alison’s image and legacy.”

On August. 26, 2015, Alison Parker and videographer Adam Ward were gunned lower as she conducted an active interview with part of a nearby chamber of commerce near Moneta, Virginia. Vester Lee Flanagan II, a disgruntled former station worker, was later recognized as the shooter Flanagan also required video of themself performing the shooting and briefly managed to get on his Facebook accounts prior to the platforms suspended him.

Flanagan was really a reporter at WDBJ who passed the professional name Bryce Johnson, and it was known by colleagues for his unhinged and confrontational behavior. He was fired in 2013, and that he apparently declined to depart the station until police were known as to escort him out.

After an effort to drag Flanagan over, he fatally shot themself while fleeing from police on Interstate 66.

Lengthy after his, Parker, and Ward’s deaths, however, each of the unsettling clips from the deadly shooting remained as being broadly shared online on social networking. 

Parker’s father filed complaints using the Ftc against YouTube and Facebook in 2020 and 2021, correspondingly, advocating federal regulators to intervene following the companies unsuccessful to get rid of all videos of his daughter’s killing.

“The the truth is that Facebook and Instagram place the onus on victims as well as their families to complete the policing of graphic content — requiring these to relive their worst moments again and again to curb the proliferation of those videos,” the complaint, acquired by, mentioned.

Parker, who may never have viewed the newscast depicting his daughter’s final living moments, accused Facebook and Instagram of neglecting to correctly review graphic and offensive content flagged by users on its platforms on time, that they contends has led to the rapid spread of videos of his daughter’s murder.

“Volunteers who spend significant time monitoring social networking platforms for violative content frequently must wait days after reporting content before any response in the platform despite these efforts, videos frequently remain on the website,” the complaint added.

Facebook, however, has was adamant it’s tried to take away the videos of Parker’s murder from Facebook, however that users keep deliberately re-adding the clips.

“These videos violate our policies and we’re ongoing to get rid of them in the platform as we’ve been doing because this disturbing incident first happened,” a spokesperson for Meta, Facebook’s parent company, stated inside a statement delivered to “We will also be ongoing to proactively identify and take away visually similar videos when they’re submitted.”

Grey Television, parents company of WJBT, supports the original copyright towards the live television footage of Parker’s murder. Her father states the station has declined to cede co-possession from the clip to her family, her father stated.

“If we’ve got the co-copy right we’re able to sue Google and facebook for violating copyright but Grey won’t get it done,” Parker described. “We have no idea why plus they refuse to speak to us. We’ve been looking to get Grey to complete the best and decent factor for 2 many they not simply will refuse, they won’t inform us why. What you know already that people a minimum of would deserve a solution.”

Grey Television denied Parker’s allegations and stated stated it’d formerly offered the Parker family a license via the HONR Network. The network, established by Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner, is really a non-profit group that advocates for groups of crime victims against online harassment and abuse. 

“Gray provided the HONR Network permission years back in order that it could do what Mr. Parker claimed to find – flagging for removal any utilization of our copyrighted video for non-news purposes,” Kevin Latek, executive v . p . of Grey Television, told inside a statement. “Rather than sort out the HONR Network to effectuate needed take-downs, Mr. Parker invented the false narrative that Grey Television in some way profits in the unauthorized distribution of their content, that is patently false.”

The broadcaster also cast doubt around the family’s current mission to sue social networking giants by creating an NFT.

“As to the point from the NFT, Grey has not been requested for permission to produce an NFT using our copyrighted content,” Latek added. “While we’ve provided usage licenses to 3rd parties, individuals usage licenses don’t rather than have permitted these to turn our content into NFTs and, the point is, Grey hasn’t joined right into a usage or other copyright license agreement with Mr. Parker.”

However, even when Parker’s development of the NFT utilizing their copyrighted submissions are effective, Grey noted towards the New You are able to Publish it wouldn’t steer clear of the proliferation from the killer’s own, separate video

Within the years since his daughter’s murder, Parker has waded into politics in the mission to have videos of her murder taken lower. The upon the market Virginia executive banking recruiter has turned into a gun control advocate and testified against Facebook and YouTube prior to the Senate Judiciary Committee. In The month of january, he launched a congressional campaign — largely in the daughter’s memory — by which he vowed to defend myself against big tech.

“The issue isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue,” he added. “It’s a united states issue. When we don’t fix social networking we’re likely to be in an enormous amount of hurt. And i believe we are already. It’s likely to tear the united states apart.”

Parker, a Democrat, is trying to unseat Republican incumbent Bob Good in Virginia’s typically conservative fifth Congressional District. The final time his district — the biggest within the condition — thrown blue is at 2008 when Repetition. Tom Perriello narrowly defeated six-term Republican incumbent, Virgil Goode Junior. 

Nevertheless, the ambitious lawmaker known as the arrival midterm showdown a “winnable race” along with a “fight worth fighting.”

“When our children were becoming an adult, we trained them, we drilled into them, you’ll need compare unique car features on the planet,” Parker stated. “And Allison certainly did.”

Parker described his late daughter like a “promising,” “accomplished” and “incredibly talented” television reporter who had been “beautiful inside as she was around the outdoors.”

“She would be a kind soul, an excellent friend and mentor, and she or he touched a lot of lives,” Parker stated. “And still takes care of even today. She’d a existence of promise, and created a legacy of change for that better.”

“Had I not taken this on, then I wouldn’t be faithful as to the we trained her,” Parker added. “And that’s: I’m trying compare unique car features. It’s a battle worth fighting, as lengthy because it takes. This really is my job. This is exactly what Alison would expect me to complete. She’d expect nothing under me ongoing this and seeking to complete right not only on her, but others.”

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