Famous Forensic Researcher Dr. Henry Lee Teaches The Significance Of Logic In Crime Scene Analysis

Famous forensic researcher Dr. Henry Lee spoke at CrimeCon 2022 to go over the significance of logic within the criminal analysis process.

Lee’s work has had him all over the world, assisting police force agencies in conclusion greater than 8,000 cases within the length of his 50-year career. His expertise continues to be useful for a few of the greatest-profile cases ever, including O.J. Simpson and JonBenét Ramsey.

He presently stars within the streaming series “Trace Evidence: The Situation Files of Dr. Henry Lee.”

“I never imagined, within my existence, how my work may affect the planet,” he told the Vegas audience.

Lee lectured via a presentation featuring slides with real-existence photos from crime scenes, asking the crowd different questions regarding their observations. In a single image, visitors observed your body of the lady thought to happen to be jogging around the block if somebody stabbed her 11 occasions.

Dr. Lee stated the lady wasn’t putting on under garments, asking CrimeCon attendees the number of enjoyed jogging without putting on training pants.

“Logic is essential,” he stated.

Dr. Lee described that three types of logic should be relevant to studying crime scenes: Inductive, deductive, and abductive.

“Of course, A Virtual Detective states it’s elementary,” stated Lee. “But logic isn’t elementary.”

Dr. Lee provided types of each kind of logical reasoning, noting how each one of these contains three factors: precondition, conclusion, along with a rule. Each kind of logic depends upon the ordering of individuals factors:

Induction: “When it rains, the grass will get wet. Therefore, whether it rains tomorrow, the grass can get wet.”

Deduction: “When it rains, the grass will get wet. It rained today. And so the grass is wet.”

Abduction: “When it rains, the grass will get wet. The grass is wet. Therefore, it might have rained.”

“However, with forensic work, you need to justify the area, time,” Lee stated. “For example, I’m golfing. [The] grass [is] wet. It isn’t raining. Why? Because [the] sprinkler[s] obtain the grass wet. In the crime scene, it’s exactly the same factor.”

The crowd chuckled once the slide featured a photograph from the witty physician golfing.

To aid his statements, Dr. Lee reexamined his focus on the situation of Court, who had been kidnapped from her Salt Lake City, Utah, home in the center of the night time in 2002. When approaching the home, Dr. Lee needed to examine each reason for entry that Smart’s abductor might have used, such as the chimney.

“Observation. Ok, someone could possibly get to her bed room to kidnap her. What [does] logic inform us? You need to enter into her house, right? Ways to get in to the house? Procedure for elimination,” stated Dr. Lee. “When you eliminate all of the impossibles, whatever remains gets to be more probable.”

When Dr. Lee couldn’t achieve where Smart’s abductor cut via a screen window, he determined the assailant needed to be tall and thin. And according to the position of the Smart home atop a hill, he concluded the kidnapping wasn’t random.

These deductions would end up being true when Court was saved from her captors in March 2003.

“[In] this situation, we didn’t inflict sophisticated forensic analysis, just logic,” stated Dr. Lee. “So everyone here, you are able to solve a situation simply using the mind and [by] analyzing.”   

Dr. Lee may be the founder from the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science and also the College of recent Haven. For additional, you can go to his Facebook page here.

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