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Family Vans, Wine Tosses, And More Disturbing Crimes, According To The Real Housewives Of Orange County

Orange County is one of the most famous places in the country: iconic for its gorgeous beaches, its sunny weather, and the amount of wealth circulating among its residents. But Orange County also has a darker side — one chronicled in “The Real Murders Of Orange County.”

In the Archiweekend series, which returns with new episodes on Sunday, December 5 at 7/6c, the most horrific and salacious cases to rock the wealthy coastal community in Southern California are explored.

Until then, let’s take a dive into Orange County’s interior: Bravo’s hit series “The Real Housewives Of Orange County.” The Real Housewives undoubtedly have a different idea of the most salacious transgressions to occur in their hometown. Here are some of the most shocking “crimes” to occur in Orange County, according to Real Housewives.

Riding In A Family Van

In one of the most iconic RHOC scenes ever, Vicki Gunvalson lost her mind when she was sent a van to take her family to the airport for vacation. The van, according to Gunvalson, was just too small.

“I said 12 bags, six people. We are going on a cruise for two and a half weeks. This is not funny! You have a little family van!” When do you ever bring a family van to pick up six people? This is ridiculous!” 

Gunvalson’s fit about the family van lives on in infamy, and viewers were taught an important lesson: No family vans for big groups.

Mocking The Size Of Someone Else’s Home

One of the bigger fights in Season 15 of RHOC was brought on by Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s claim that Shannon Storms Beador called Gina Kirschenheiter’s post-break-up home “sad and depressing.” Making fun of someone else’s home? Not cool!

Eating A Cake Before It’s Served

In Season 7, Heather Dubrow threw an elegant party — one that went off the rails with a seemingly trivial incident. Alexis Bellino’s friend Sarah WInchester ate the bow off Dubrow’s celebratory cake.

“She goes and defiles my cake? What is wrong with this girl?” Dubrow exclaimed, leading to a vicious fight over the cake slight.

Charlie Chaplin Drag

OK, obviously, this isn’t always a crime. But when you see what Lydia McLaughlin looked like when she showed up to a drag bingo night in a Charlie Chaplin-esque outfit, you’ll understand it’s a true crime against fashion.

Making Accusations About Other People’s Sex Lives While Skiing

In yet another iconic Vicki Gunvalson moment, she became livid and denied ever having “multiple partners” after Lauri Peterson claimed she saw Gunvalson in bed with two people.

While on the ski slopes at a girl’s trip Gunvalson confronted her, screaming, “I have never been with multiple partners in my life! You’re disgusting. You’re filthy. I thought you were older and bigger and smarter than that. You’re not a classy lady. You are a liar. Good luck with your life, Lauri.”

Tossing Wine In Someone’s Face

This one does feel obvious, but it’s still happened on RHOC and caused major waves. In the Season 6 finale, Tamra Judge confronted Jeana Keough at a party about statements Keough allegedly made to the press.

The fight ended with Judge tossing a glass of wine in Keough’s face, a shocking moment that ruined any chance of a friendship between the two.

“It was a horrible thing to do to a person. It was embarrassing professionally. I had my clients calling me saying that I’m trending number one on Yahoo. It’s perfect, it’s just what you want to be known for — being attacked by your cast member,” Keough told BravoTV in a 2015 interview.

Being Pretentious

The Housewives may be women with lots of wealth, but being pretentious is apparently a huge no in their world. In Season 7, the ladies actually got together to hold an intervention for Alexis Bellino because they thought she was so pretentious.

“There are some things that you do that sometimes sound very pretentious. And sometimes comes across as demeaning or that you’re superior,” Gretchen Rossi told Bellino at one point after the group sat her down to confront her. “I gave you the example about the car thing. I had had asked you, ‘Oh when did you get the Bentley?’ and you were like, ‘Oh that was so two months ago. Well we do have an eight-car garage.’”

But while these are egregious crimes in the minds of the Real Housewives, there are darker, more serious crimes occurring in Orange County and you can find out more about them on Season 2 of “Real Murders Of Orange County,” premiering Sunday, December 5 at 7/6c on Archiweekend for more.

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Written by Stephanie Green

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