Family Believes Body Of Missing Teen Found, Final Moments Taken On Facetime

Family people of the missing Oklahoma teen, whose final moments were taken on the Facetime video call, say their search may finally be over.

Haylie Gonzalez, 17, disappeared after attending a 4th of This summer party tossed by Eduardo Bonilla-Lopez, as formerly reported. Bonilla-Lopez, 18, was billed after he confessed to shooting the teenager and live-streaming Gonzalez as she was a victim of her injuries within the passenger’s seat of his vehicle.

On Monday, police taken care of immediately reports of the dead body near a condo complex in Oklahoma City, based on KFOR News.

While officials haven’t yet formally find out the body, relatives of Haylie Gonzalez state that it’s the missing teen.

“We think that we found her,” stated Haylie’s mother, Yvonne Turner, based on News 9. “We think that we might have discovered Haylie.”

Based on the Oklahoma City media outlet, government bodies spent hrs searching a wooded area near a condo complex. 

Around the nights This summer 4, 2021, Haylie Gonzalez known as a buddy and requested for any ride home from the house party, reported by They stated Haylie sounded scared.

The friend visited the house of Eduardo Bonilla-Lopez, in which the party required place, but Haylie was nowhere found, based on KFOR. The friend claimed Bonilla-Lopez was washing his hands.

Another witness told government bodies these were using the suspect in the party as he “shot and wiped out someone,” based on court public records reported by KFOR.

Later your evening, the witness claimed that Bonilla-Lopez Facetimed him, telling him he “took proper care of the lady, acknowledging he finished killing her and dumped her body off,” based on court public records.

Throughout the video call, the witness saw Haylie, who had been still alive after being shot, based on court public records. She was “bleeding from her mind, leaning over, and seeking to talk.”

As the witness encouraged Bonilla-Lopez to find medical assistance for Gonzalez, he declined.

Bonilla-Lopez was taken into child custody on This summer 7, 2021, based on arrest records.

Monday morning’s discovery uses the arrests from the suspect’s sister and father earlier this year.

Investigators stated they found tracks between Bonilla-Lopez and the sister, Lilian Bonilla, based on an affidavit reported by News 9. Bonilla-Lopez allegedly told his sister in which the weapon was and instructed her on “how to get rid of the gun.”

Lilian Bonilla told Bonilla-Lopez that they as well as their father, Vidal Bonilla-Jeres, discarded the gun. They used “code words” to relay the messages backwards and forwards.

Based on News 9, Bonilla allegedly told his sister where Haylie Gonzalez’s body was which “she wasn’t hidden.”

Bonilla told Bonilla-Lopez, “she required proper care of it.”

Both Lilian Bonilla and Vidal Bonilla-Jeres were booked in to the Oklahoma Local Jail, based on News 9.

Investigators haven’t yet retrieved the gun.

“She meant the planet in my experience,” Gonzalez’s mother told News 9 after Monday’s discovery. “That was my daughter.”

Adriana Mendoza, a buddy of Haylie’s, also believes the missing teen’s body was discovered.

“Pretty certain it’s her,” stated Mendoza, based on The Oklahoman. “We type of pictured it had been challenging where (your body) what food was in. They’d to chop some branches and large logs.”

Mendoza stated it required 3 to 4 individuals to carry against its location which your body wasn’t fully decomposed.

Mendoza mentioned that government bodies focused close to the apartment complex since it was where Haylie’s phone last pinged, based on the Oklahoman. They looked the region days ago but found nothing.

Government bodies haven’t yet make sure your body is Haylie Gonzalez.

“I feel relieved we found her,” stated Mendoza, based on the Oklahoman. “It hurts me, the way in which she was available. It’s hard.”

A GoFundMe page was produced to assist financially cover the expense of the funeral.

Sgt. Dillon Quirk told they would to produce statement when the Office from the Chief Medical Examiner has positively identified your body.

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