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Family and Buddies Mourn Six Victims Wiped out In Sacramento Mass Shooting

A parent of 4. A finest friend having a positive personality. A vivacious partygoer. The six individuals who were wiped out throughout a mass shooting in California’s capital were appreciated by their buddies and family on Monday as couple of details were released concerning the weekend violence.

A large number of rapid-fire gunshots rang out early Sunday within the crowded roads of California’s capital, departing three ladies and three men dead and 12 people wounded.

Investigators were searching not less than two shooters who have been accountable for the violence around the borders of Sacramento’s primary entertainment district that happened as bars and nightclubs were closing. On Monday morning, small memorials with candle lights, balloons and flowers have been placed close to the crime scene.

Couple of details happen to be published as police aim to patch together the incident and implore witnesses in the future forward with tips and videos.

The Sacramento County coroner released the identities from the six people wiped out. These were Johntaya Alexander, 21 Melinda Davis, 57 Yamile Martinez-Andrade, 21 Sergio Harris, 38 Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, 32 and De’vazia Turner, 29.

Harris and Turner were cousins, based on FOX 40.


Alexander only agreed to be shy of turning 22 when she was wiped out, her father told the la Occasions. Her birthday what food was in the finish from the month.

She wished to become social worker who labored with children and it was a doting aunt to her nieces and nephews, John Alexander told the newspaper.

His daughter’s name was a mix of their own and the older sister’s, he told the Occasions.

“She only agreed to be beginning her existence,” he told the newspaper, sobbing. “Stop all of this senseless shooting.”


Davis would be a “very sassy lady” who resided around the roads of Sacramento close to the shooting site, The Sacramento Bee reported.

Shawn Peter, helpful information using the Downtown Sacramento Partnership who’d known Davis for fifteen years, told the newspaper that they have been destitute and resided in the region off and on for any decade.

Officials had helped her find housing prior to the pandemic started but she’d came back towards the downtown business district in recent several weeks, Peter stated. A little bouquet of crimson roses having a note saying “Melinda Rest In Peace” remained in the pub in her own memory.

“Melinda would be a very eccentric individual, a really sassy lady,” he told the newspaper. “This was her world, 24/7.”

Davis would be a periodic guest at Maryhouse, a daytime center for ladies and kids experiencing being homeless, from 2016 to 2018, director Shannon Stevens stated within an email. Stevens remembered her as kind but somebody that didn’t prosper in crowds. She was seeking housing services at that time.

“This would be a space she came to understand rest from the trauma of just living around the roads in our city,” Sacramento Loaves &amp Fishes, which runs the Maryhouse program, stated inside a statement.


Explained family people because the existence from the party, Harris would be a frequent presence in the London nightclub that is close to the shooting scene.

“My boy would be a very vivacious youthful man,” his mother, Pamela Harris, told KCRA 3. “Fun to be with, loved to party, smiling constantly. Don’t bother people. To do this is crazy. I’m just to the stage at this time, I do not get sound advice. I do not even seem like this really is real. Personally i think like this can be a dream.”

His family people congregated in the crime scene Sunday once they had not been told by him for hrs. Later on that day, Harris was the very first victim openly recognized by the coroner.

“This is really a sad and terrible act of violence that required the lives of numerous,” his wife, Leticia Harris, told KCRA 3. “I want solutions in order to have closure in my children.”


Martinez-Andrade was wiped out before her closest friend, based on ABC 10.

She was described as somebody who “brought light towards the room,” the station reported, coupled with a positive frame-of-mind.

“There never was a monotonous moment together with her. She’s an attractive heart along with a beautiful mind. Everybody misses her a lot,” her closest friend, who had been not named, told ABC 10.


Turner had spent his evening out with buddies and the cousin in the London nightclub, his father, Frank Turner, told FOX 40.

“He was out just getting fun together with his buddies,” Frank Turner told the television station.

De’vazia Turner resided in Vacaville, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) southwest from the crime scene, but was from Sacramento, his father told ABC 10.

His sister, Tamika Youthful, told KPIX TV that Turner was the daddy of 4 children.

“I would like to make certain the planet recognizes that he was loved,” Youthful stated. “My little brother, he would be a family dude. … He’d love in him.”

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